High school dumbass drinks unknown chemical for a $2 bet.

What kids won’t do for money or attention these days. Some moron down in Odessa, Texas decided to take on a bet to drink an unidentified chemical from the high school’s chemistry lab to win $2 and almost became a Darwin Award winner in the process. He was found in the school’s hallway bleeding from the nose and mouth and rushed to a local hospital. The unnamed Junior was upgraded from critical to satisfactory condition on Monday, but is scheduled to undergo more tests to determine what the hell happened to his brains prior to accepting the bet.

10 thoughts on “High school dumbass drinks unknown chemical for a $2 bet.

  1. They still haven’t figured out what the hell he drank? What a maroon.

    I’m using Typekey now… don’t know how it’ll work for me until [and unless] I upgrade from MT 2.62

  2. I’m all for thinning the herd. Let’s encourage this type of behavior with a wink wink nudge nudge! Raise the bet a bit and we can get some of the borderline idiots while were at it.

  3. Seriously. It’d take at least $10 for me to accept that bet.

    My momma didn’t raise no fool!

  4. I would never take that bet; as one of my friends is a high-school chemistry teacher and I’ve seen what some of the chemicals have done to his hands & clothes.

    On the other hand, I know people that I would try to get to take it. 

    My momma didn’t raise me to be no fool, that’s what my brothers were for.

  5. A couple weeks ago we were dissecting dead pig fetuses that were preserved in an alcohol/fermaldehyde saline solution.  I bet anyone in the class TWENTY bucks to drink a thimble of it, and STILL nobody was stupid enough to do it.

    But man, what the fuck was this kid thinking?  This whole story sounds like a bad commercial for 10-10-220 all over again.

  6. A classic scene in the movie “Real Genius”:

    “Taste this and tell me what you think.”
    “Not bad. What is it?”
    “I don’t know. I found it in one of the labs.”
    “Relax. I’m kidding. It’s just yoghurt.”

  7. Back in college(in Louisiana), during dinner, everyone at the table started dummping different liquids (all edible, mind you) into a half full soda glass, just for grins.  Soda, milk, gravy, salt, pepper, tabasco, etc.  One guy said he’d drink it for cash, so we coughed up something like $30, and he backed out of drinking it with a pile of cash on the table.

    So even by coonass standards, what an idiot!

  8. I know some suckers who would take that stupid bet…. one of them almost lost his balls for $10, he might as well take $2 or $3 to drink something he doesn’t know…… and idiot as he is, if you told him that you dare him to drink it, he might do it for free, so……….

      *Yeah yeah……. life sux but i don’t give a damn about it!*

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