Happy Mother’s Day!

We’re headed up to see Momma today for a quick visit in honor of the day. She’s already gotten two bunches of flowers, one from my brother and another from my dad (go read her blog entry about it if you really want to know), but I won’t be bringing a traditional gift such as this. Being the PC geek that I am and remembering that my mother was recently discussing her desire to have a CD burner so she should archive all the pics she’s been taking with her digital camera, I had the presence of mind to pick up a drive for her not too long ago. Originally I was going to have her pay me back for it, but as money is tight and today is Mother’s Day I thought I’d be my usual unorthodox self and present the drive as a gift.

OK, so Mr. Sentimental Gift I’m not, but at least it’s something that won’t die in two days. I hope.

1 thought on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Whaddya mean you’re not sentimental?  Allowing Momma to save all the photos she’s taking?  Sounds pretty damned sentimental to me!

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