Crybaby Jesus makes an appearance in Texas.

Yep, it’s another one of those religious item weeping oily tears miracles again. This time it’s down in Texas after a grandmother prayed for Jesus to help her 3-month old grandson who was born with his internal organs outside his body. – Weeping cardboard Christ draws Texas pilgrims

“If you’re here and hearing me, give me a sign,” was her request to Jesus, she told about 30 people in her home at noontime Monday. “At first there was a big tear just hanging there, not running. Just there in the corner of his eye.”

Personally, I’d think that a much better miracle would have been for the grandson to suddenly and inexplicably not only be cured of his condition, but show no sign of ever having had the condition in the first place, but apparently all Jesus can manage right now is to make a picture of him get all weepy. Of course, it could just be that he’s upset about having such a cheesy rendition of himself on cheap cardboard. It’s hard to say.

Needless to say, hundreds of faithful sheep have flocked to see the miracle while the Catholic church remains mum on the issue.

2 thoughts on “Crybaby Jesus makes an appearance in Texas.

  1. Just once I’d like to hear about a laughing Jesus miracle. We are, after all, talking about a guy who turned water into wine at a party, right? Somebody who had a reputation as a whoremonger and glutton! He must have told some good jokes. Where are they now? I suppose that 2,000 years ago they didn’t realize that the biggest thing missing from Christianity would end up being humor!

    Fighting creeping fascism one HTML tag at a time!

  2. Or maybe tears were all Jesus could muster, I mean come on; after two thousand years of a bunch of lazy whining fucks asking you to save them from their own mistakes. A fella could get tired and cranky. I think that she was seeing Cranky Jesus when she asked for a sign.

    Hey for more great religious quotes and humor, check out the post I placed on the front page… Yay!

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