Couple of quick notes on SEB.

Had a couple of emails from folks asking about different aspects of SEB under ExpressionEngine that I wanted to address:

Q: Is there a way to not have “Notify me of follow-up comments?” checked marked by default when replying to an entry?
A: If you have a registered account then the answer is yes. Click on the “My Profile” link in the left hand bar to go to your personal settings. Then click on “Email Settings” and on the new screen uncheck the box next to the words “Enable email notifications by default when you post messages” and then click the UPDATE button. Now if you want to be notified of new responses on a thread you’ll have to make a point to check the box on the comment form.

Q: Is there a way to subscribe to an entry without leaving a comment?
A: Currently there isn’t, but it has been requested and I believe is planned for a future update to the package.

Q: Why do I have to type a word into an extra form field when responding to entries? I’ve never had to do that before.
A: That’s called a captcha and it’s used to prevent bots from leaving comment spam. Currently it’s an either on or off option that affects all users, but we have a feature request in asking that it be made an option for registered members. With any luck that option will be added to a future version of EE and you’ll have one more good reason to register an account.

Q: What do you do with the data you collect when we register?
A: Nothing much. We don’t collect the data for purposes of marketing nor for profit. We won’t be selling your name and email address to any third parties and the only emails you should receive from us will be comment notifications that you have subscribed to. On very rare occasions we might send out a mailing to all our registered members over important issues, but I can’t think of what such an occasion might be at this point in time. Beyond your account having a valid email address so you can validate yourself, we’re not particularly concerned how much of the rest of the info you fill out. It’s there if you want to use it, you don’t have to.

Any other questions or concerns feel free to drop me a line.

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