Comcast announces G4 and TechTV merger.

The Good: Looks like most of the shows from both channels will make the transition intact including my personal favorites of X-Play and Fresh Gear.

The Bad: No word on if the current TechTV hosts will also be making the transition.

The Ugly: The new channel’s name will be G4techTV. Oh yeah, that’s original.

G4 & TechTV will be upgrading to form one network that will take digital entertainment to the next level.

G4techTV will be the one and only network that is plugged into every dimension of games, gear, gadgets & gigabytes.

We’ve got a great new game plan featuring the best elements from both channels.  Most of your favorite shows will be crossing over when we join forces on “G-Day”: May 28th.

You’ll find everything you need to know about our upcoming alliance right here on We’ll keep you posted on all the latest developments, including our combined programming lineup, new original series, specials or any other last minute details we’re planning in order to create the perfect blend of both channels.

In the meantime, score more of what’s in store for you.  During each network’s ongoing broadcasts, we’ll be running sneak previews showcasing the best & brightest programming of both G4 and TechTV.

The FAQ they’ve set up lists what shows will be on the combined channel and what cable companies are expected to carry it. The fact that MY cable company isn’t listed among the ones known to carry it is somewhat alarming unless, of course, the new combined channel ends up sucking. Until the merger is complete both channels will be running some of the other channel’s shows as a “sneak peak” kinda thing to give you a chance to see how good or bad this deal may turn out to be.

4 thoughts on “Comcast announces G4 and TechTV merger.

  1. If I don’t get to look at Morgan whilst getting my game fix I’m going to become very unspocklike!

  2. Yea, since they “fired” all the current TechTV staff, I wonder if they will be getting new folks to do the shows. If so, they may be worth watching again.

    Really Spocko, you found Morgan’s personality acceptable? I really liked X-Play before it became X-Play. I can’t remember what it was called before. They spent more time reviewing the games and less time “playing”. The playing was stupid and childish. Pretty much what most of the shows on TechTV was turning toward. I mean really. Why would anyone care if Kevin and Sarah were dating.

  3. It was called Extended-Play before and that chick really gave me the heebee geebees!

  4. If they get rid of Leo there will be no one left that knows anything about computers. Without him they should go off the air.

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