Brrrrrr….. my nipples are freezing off!

Which, I’m sure, just makes for such an amazing mental picture for all of you.

It’s spring here in Michigan. Which means the weather is largely schizophrenic these days. We’ve broken 80 degrees a couple of times already only to turn around and have a few days that haven’t surpassed 50 degrees. It’s not expected to get much past 50 degrees for the next couple of days. Around this time of year we try to avoid using the furnace as much as possible to save a little money. We usually try not to use the heat as long as the temps indoors don’t dip too far into the low 60’s. It’s around 64 degrees at the moment which is chillier than it sounds. Unless the weather improves greatly in the next day I’m probably going to break down and fire the furnace back up again, but until I give in I’ve at least got some perky nipples.

3 thoughts on “Brrrrrr….. my nipples are freezing off!

  1. Well, that sure took care of my prurience quota for the day, boy howdy!

    StupidEvilPerkyNipples, indeed …

  2. It’s colder over here on the West side - we had snow last week, and frost this morning, and it’s supposed to be 80 this weekend. Schizo indeed.


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