Bizarre Flash Game of the Day: Wart Hog.

JethricOne sent me a link to a ridiculously fun if totally bizarre Flash game called Wart Hog a few minutes ago.

The game has you using a military vehicle called a “Wart Hog” to take out the aliens floating around the screen. Only you don’t use the gun mounted onto the back of the dune buggy-like ride to do this, rather you place a number of grenades under the vehicle, position the grenades relative to the bottom of the vehicle, and then position the vehicle relative to the aliens so that when you detonate the grenades the Wart Hog is sent flying through the air bouncing off of the walls and smashing aliens in the process. You need to blow up the Wart Hog in just the right way to ensure it bounces into all of the aliens in one try. Succeed and you go to the next level with more aliens randomly placed. Fail and you can try again.

It’s simple, strange, and overwhelmingly addictive. J1 has already played it until level 38. I’m not as far because I stopped long enough to blog about it.

11 thoughts on “Bizarre Flash Game of the Day: Wart Hog.

  1. What IS it about boys and men that they have such fun blowing things up and making things crash into other things?  This is just another cool combination of the two activities.

  2. YYYYYeah… after 45 minutes of playing that damned game, I’ve decided that level 32 is pretty damned impossible.

    Jethric One, you do indeed have mad skillz.

    Damned aliens… if all they had to do was form a square in the first place to beat me, why didn’t they?  That’s what I don’t understand about video games.  And movies.  And most forms of entertainment media.

  3. Ok this is like the best time killer in the world. Even better than my all time favorite time killer the Sims. Yeah I am pathetic I know. Try playing Wart Hog while Listening to Hall of the Mountain King by Apocalyptica. Bwahaha! Killing music. Sorry…*scurries off*

  4. (*%*&%$*ING LEVEL 32! Arrgh. From Hell’s heart I curse thee, for hate’s sake I spit at thee, etc. etc.

    Les, I darn you to heck for this…


  5. A beacon of hope..level 40 is the last level. After that, you just get a “congratulations” message.

  6. Very addicting. I got to level 36, but my brain was fried, so I quit.

    Great site, Les! I don’t even remember how I found it, but I’ve probably been coming here for about 1 1/2 months. Haven’t really posted though (obviously).

  7. If anybody can help me get past level 32 please email me…this is the square…thanks

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