Archaeologists announce discovery of Library of Alexandria.

The legendary Library of Alexandria has been found according to the BBC.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Library of Alexandria discovered

Announcing their discovery at a conference being held at the University of California, Zahi Hawass, president of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, said that the 13 lecture halls uncovered could house as many as 5,000 students in total.

A conspicuous feature of the rooms, he said, was a central elevated podium for the lecturer to stand on.

“It is the first time ever that such a complex of lecture halls has been uncovered on any Greco-Roman site in the whole Mediterranean area,” he added.

“It is perhaps the oldest university in the world.”

Not a lot of detail in the article yet on any artifacts they’ve uncovered so far, but exciting news none-the-less. Expect a Discovery Channel or National Geographic special on this in the near future.

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