Antonio Banderas is a big old softie.

Awww. Seems I have something in common with Antonio Banderas. We’re both completely sappy and unafraid to cry at movies.

BBC – Radio 1 News – Shrek 2 all too much for Antonio

Antonio Banderas, who plays ogre killer Puss in Boots in the film, was apparently so moved when he was watching it at the festival that he ended up crying and holding hands with Justin Timberlake.

He says the romantic scene at the end of the film got to him, and then he looked at JT and he was sobbing too, so they held hands for a while while Cameron looked on.

OK, so maybe he’s more of a wuss than I am. While it’s true that I will cry at the drop of a hat during even the most blatant attempts at emotional string-pulling in your average movie (think Bruce Willis saying goodbye to Liv Tyler in Armageddon fer chrissakes) and it’s also true that I am unashamed of doing so in a public theater full of strangers (really, would you walk up to me and say something snarky with as scary as I tend to look?), there’s nothing out there that is emotionally touching enough to make me hold hands with Justin Timberlake for any purpose other than to yank him in front of a fast moving train or bus.

I mean I may be sappy, but I have my limits. Now all I need to do is become rich, good looking, and famous and Antonio will have nothing over me.

3 thoughts on “Antonio Banderas is a big old softie.

  1. I don’t care how sappy I am, there’s no way in hell I’d hold hands with Justin Timberlake.  How could that be comforting?  I imagine he’s got sweaty, clammy palms. Yech.

  2. I’m a softie as well, and almost as scary looking as SEB

    The fast moving train or bus thing was enough to cause me to decorate my keyboard with diet coke, by the way.  At least I didn’t spew it in the direction of the case.

    I have “run out” of emotion during several movies.  One I remember well was “What Dreams May Come” (a modern retelling of Dante’s Inferno).  About halfway through the movie, the writer / director pushed the “big emotion” button too many times.  From that point on, the movie was pretty much a comedy for me, much to the amusement of the nearby patrons and the embarassment of my wife.

    He was stepping over a field of bodies, and there I was, giggling hysterically

    So, Antonio … you GO, girl


  3. Good to hear that I’m not the only guy fighting back tears during some of the sappiest moments in movies (although I’m not nearly as “manly” looking as SEB to make this bizarre behavior for me ).

    Nevertheless, I think it’s a general consensus that there’s no way in hell it would ever be considered ok to hold Justin Timberlake’s hand to console oneself. Even in such moments of extreme emotional vulnerability it is imperative that, while wiping the tears away, you use your free hand to beat the crap out of him with the other .

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