A doormat for the geek in your life.

I so need to get me one of these.

ThinkGeek :: There’s no place like Door/Floor mat

Tired of people stepping all over you? Well take your frustrations out by stepping all over these choice door/floor mats. Adorned with the peculiar ‘There’s No Place Like’ phrase, consider them your own personal wormholes to a place where users invented clue and upper management gets outsourced. Just step on ‘em, click heels twice, and off you go! Perfect for both outdoor home and indoor office use alike, so that makes them extra tastylicious!

It’s hard to come up with geek jokes that get any geekier. I’ll probably have to explain it to my mom. It would make for a good replacement of my old doormat which is starting to seriously show its age.

What does my current doormat say? It reads: “Hi! I’m Mat!”

5 thoughts on “A doormat for the geek in your life.

  1. Okay, I’ll be the first to openly say… I don’t get it. I thought I got it, but I think after all that I don’t.  oh oh

  2. Heh, that reminds me the door mat which I got back when I was working tech support.

    “Please stay on the mat.  Your visit is very important to us.  Your knock will be answered in the order in which it was received.”

  3. Ours says: “Ring the bell and win a free cat!”. We also bought one for my brother-in-law that says “Go Away!”.

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