WordPress 1.2 enters Beta.

I’ve been keeping an eye on WordPress for awhile now and I have to admit it’s becoming more attractive all the time. They’ve just announced that version 1.2 has entered Beta and have provided a partial list of the new features users can look forward to:

  • Sub-categories
  • Custom fields
  • Localization framework and unicode encoding support
  • All post times stored in local time and GMT
  • Cleaner cruft-free and search engine friendly URLs
  • Automatic thumbnail creation
  • Strong encryption of user passwords
  • Redone administration interface, particularly with regard to options
  • Non-mod_rewrite clean links option

There’s at least two new features in this point release that I had hoped to see in MT3 (sub-categories and custom fields) in addition to massive changes to the code base. As Richard points out over at MovableBLOG, if the new version of WordPress had included support for multiple blogs (which is planned for the future) then this new release would actually put it ahead of MovableType in many respects.

I may take my install of Drupal down so I can try out the WordPress Beta and get a better feel for what it offers so I can offer a more enlightened comparason. I won’t consider switching until it supports multiple blogs, but I’m asked all the time what I would recommend so it’s always good to have an informed opinion.

5 thoughts on “WordPress 1.2 enters Beta.

  1. I need to qualify that by saying that you can currently have multiple weblogs in WP on one MySQL database (by having a different prefix for the table names), but you need to upload/install/configure a new copy of WP.  Support for multiple weblogs per installation, I understand, is coming post 1.2.

  2. I’ve been watching WP for a while too.  There are a couple of features that catch my eye: auto thumbnail creation and non-mod_rewrite clean urls.  Most of the other features are available in b2evolution, another b2(cafelog.com) fork that I use. The b2e team recently released version 0.8.9 at http://www.b2evolution.net - with access control layers for multipleblogs with multi-users and a kickass antispam feature highlighting this release.  The dev team has been pretty active recently and are seeing new releases every couple of weeks.  Needless, it appears that WP is becoming more and more polished.  I had an install at one point (before 1.0), perhaps it’s worth looking into for a new blog project.

  3. I’ve mentioned b2evolution in a couple of my other entries. If nothing else at least there’s a lot of choices out there for folks with differing needs.

    I’ve got a test install of WP up at test.jenkinsonline.net for the moment.

  4. I’ve been running WP for a month or two now and am glad I made the change from MT.  Granted I recommend MT to everyone I know hopping into the blogging scene, it was just getting too annoying for someone who wanted more out of their blog, especially someone with a web development background.

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