With frickin’ lasers in their eyes!

Seems a company called Microvision has developed a headset that uses lasers to beam a display onto the retina of your eye allowing for data and images to be overlaid onto your field of vision.

BBC NEWS | Technology | ‘Laser vision’ offers new insights

The first generation product, called the Nomad Expert Technician System, consists of a wireless computer and a hi-tech monocle, costing around $4,000.

The monocle is worn in front of the eye and reflects scanned laser light to the eye allowing mechanics to view car diagnostics and instructions superimposed on their field of vision.

“Service technicians use it so that they can work on an engine and their view is superimposed on what they are seeing,” Mr Goldstein told the BBC programme, Go Digital.

“They don’t have to get up from what they are doing and go to a separate computer terminal or flick through a manual. They have it right where they need it.”

Honda is reportedly already using this system in some of their dealerships where techs are reporting a time savings upwards of 40% and around $2,000 in savings per month per technician. Some surgeons have also tested the system and the system is being used by the U.S. Army as well.

Long a staple of Sci-Fi movies it looks like the high-tech monocle is ready for the real world. No word on how soon it’ll be before you can play Quake with it.

15 thoughts on “With frickin’ lasers in their eyes!

  1. Dude, that is quite possibly the most awesome thing I have ever seen.  It looks like something torn straight from some modern sci-fi flick.

    Science kicks ass.

  2. Admittedly my first thought was ‘what happens if the damned thing spazzes out and the laser surges in power,’ but I’d probably still use one if I had it available just because I could. Still, lasers beaming into my eyes is enough to make me a little nervous.

  3. Oh no - yet another Driver Distraction!

    And we thought cellphone user drivers were the acme of irritating.

    “…but I was looking at the map…”

  4. I can’t beleive they are going to actually market these things.  I guess they aren’t going to tell you how many people went partially or totally blind during the R&D phase of thise product…………

  5. totally blind?…. its a monocle for one, only 1 eye could go blind. my dads a one eye, doesnt have much depth perection but not handycaped for one. second its a small amount of light sweaping acros the eye, not even staying in one place. i dont see any danger

  6. The safety of this system has been checked out by the government, the medical profession and the competition. There’s more damage to the eyes from sitting too close to your TV.  All this company has to do is to get the price down to $500 and it will have a slam dunk. They are reportedly well on the way to making a model which will fit on to ordinary glasses.  When they perfect their phone display - which will allow one to see a virtual 17 inch display in broad daylight - every cell phone in the world will want it.

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  9. Don’t blame him. It’s rare he’s allowed to touch a keyboard and so when he does get the chance he goes a little crazy in his desperation to type something, anything, that might get him a little attention before they lock him back in his cage again.

  10. You know we could easily coin a new medical condition that shows it’s symptoms as not being able to comment on a message board without spewing garbage.

    Kind of like terets or however it’s spelled.

  11. oooohh.. this device is awesome.. but not for the use they intended it for..

    I think battle armor needs to be rewritten.
    well, written worth a shit. and this needs to be included. I know, I know..
    and the system is being used by the U.S. Army as well.
    This effort will be wasted Im sure.

    more revenue for your techs. thats what this one is all about. you can make a warm body a mechanic overnight. great I have an underqualified puppet working on my car now. and it costs me more money.

    I still like the toy though.
    I remember a star trek episode where weasely (pun) got everyone hooked on a similar device like it was crack.

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