The liberal radio network, Air America, is now broadcasting.

Eric’s been having trouble logging into SEB to post the news and VernR was kind enough to send me some info on this so I’m doing the honor of introducing you to Air America Radio. Combining a liberal outlook with a sense of humor, Air America describes itself as follows:

Air America Radio is a collaborative effort that brings together a group of experienced radio entrepreneurs with a talented team of creative artists. We are a new voice in talk radio: a smart voice with a sense of humor. It brings to the marketplace an unserved need. We give voice to what millions of Americans are thinking, but can’t hear on radio. Until now!

The business team is joined by such well known personalities as…

Saturday Night Live alum Al Franken joined the network early in 2004 and brings “team Franken” with him, (several of whom collaborated with Franken on his best selling book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them). Franken showcases his very original and witty political satire on Air America Radio. Other hosts include Janeane Garofolo (The Larry Sanders Show), Randi Rhodes, whose top-rated program in south Florida gained a reputation for no-nonsense talk radio that consistently beat Rush Limbaugh in ratings, and Lizz Winstead, The Daily Show co-creator long recognized for her social satire and political acumen. Rapper Chuck D of Public Enemy also contributes to the daily line up.

Radio professionals, print and TV journalists, Internet professionals, entrepreneurs, commentators, political satirists, publicists,… have joined forces under the Air America Radio banner to launch this exceptional radio network. Stay tuned.

Air America can be found on:

    New York – WLIB 1190 AM

    Los Angeles – KBLA 1580 AM

    Chicago – WNTD 950 AM

    Portland, OR- KPOJ 1620 AM

    Inland Empire, CA-  KCAA 1050 AM

    XM Satellite Radio – Channel 167

    San Francisco- To Be Announced

    San Jose – To Be Announced

Or you can listen to it live via the Internet through Real Player (blech!). Hopefully they’ll add support for Windows Media Player 9 like NPR did.

18 thoughts on “The liberal radio network, Air America, is now broadcasting.

  1. I couldn’t get a stream working yesterday; hopefully today. I suspect their servers were being hammered.

  2. I like the idea of XM radio, but it’s bad enough that I pay for my television viewing these days that I can’t get into the idea of paying to listen to the radio as well.

  3. We have XM. It’s worth it for us, since we travel by car alot, and on the boat in a county where the strongest radio signals are all hideous country stations.

  4. Thank you for posting this link, I’m listening to it now online. My husband thanks you, too.

  5. county where the strongest radio signals are all hideous country stations.

    That’s all you pretty much get in any rural area. 

    Hopefully they’ll start broadcasting in DFW sometime.

  6. I listened to a chunk of Franken’s show today, and while I wasn’t blown away (in LA, KPFK has already covered a lot of the same ground), I liked it more than I expected to.  Of course, Air America is broadcasting over a station so far in the AM hinterlands (1580 here) that I doubt any of Rush’s minions are going to accidentally tune into it. Which is kind of a shame- Also a shame that so far only big cities with plenty of alternative stations have picked up the network.  After driving cross country a few years back I was chilled at the scary lack of anything but crazy Christian & rightwing loon talk shows in huge, I mean HUGE stretches of this country.  The occasional NPR stations were the only bright spots on the dial, and depending on what region you’re in, they can be watered down to a point well beyond blandness. 
    So hooray for satellite, I guess.  I hope this thing takes off.

  7. whew…i was afraid everyone would go see the Passion of Christ while I was gone and either come to Christ or turn yourselves in for past crimes or something:) glad your still here.


    No one in Dallas will air that liberal stuff they cant compete with the mighty WBAP 820.  You might get sound bite played on the ticket!

  8. You know, it’s really kind of revealing when you accuse a news organization that tells the truth as being liberal. I didn’t realize liberals had finally cornered the market on truth (but have suspected it for the last three years).

  9. Former FBI translator claims to have seen reports that indicating that an attack with airplanes was imminent.

    Sibel Edmonds said she spent more than three hours in a closed session with the commission’s investigators providing information that was circulating within the FBI in the spring and summer of 2001 suggesting that an attack using aircraft was just months away and the terrorists were in place. The Bush administration, meanwhile, has sought to silence her and has obtained a gagging order from a court by citing the rarely used “state secrets privilege”.

    She told The Independent yesterday: “I gave [the commission] details of specific investigation files, the specific dates, specific target information, specific managers in charge of the investigation. I gave them everything so that they could go back and follow up. This is not hearsay. These are things that are documented. These things can be established very easily.”

    This report has been playing on Air America for at least two days. They claim that the story first appeared in The Independent, a British Paper. Actually Salon posted this story on the 26th of March. Here is Salon’s lead paragraph.

    A former FBI wiretap translator with top-secret security clearance, who has been called “very credible” by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, has told Salon she recently testified to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States that the FBI had detailed information prior to Sept. 11, 2001, that a terrorist attack involving airplanes was being plotted.

    Is Edmonds really credible or just disgruntled? In some previous whistle blowing she claimed incompetence and corruption in the FBI’s translation department. Maybe that’s why she is a former employee.

    I have not found this story in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the LA Times. I wonder if this story has enough legs to appear in mainstream media.

  10. I didn’t know NPR was considered liberal. And here I’ve been thinking they’re a bit too conservative…

  11. Damn my eyes for living in BFE, Arkansas! I guess I’ll have to wait until somebody comes out with a cheap knock-off of XM Radio. Either that or move to Chicago, because I would really like to give this station a listen. Then again, I could just bite the bullet, get some cheap speakers for my PC and download Real Player ( I second that Blech, and stream it on the web. But anything that Al Franken and Chuck D have a hand in together has just got to be interesting!

  12. Geekmom,

    thanks for missing me, i was back then gone again.  really really busy as of late and had to take a few business trips.  how have you been?

    glad to know i remain insignificant in the world of less,

    wow lots going on while i was out. i see the normal bob website shutdown created a stir, then petered out with nonsense.

    glad to know there are still non believers in the world though….job security??

  13. Well, Randall, we sure missed your ameliorating influence.  Poor Les has had to clean all the foam up off the floor from several mouths in the meantime.

    As for me, I’m still doing my part to make the world save for god-free heathens … but what’s a ying without a little yang?

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