SEB may be moving soon.

Yep, we’re thinking of pulling up the tent pegs on the circus show here and moving all of it to a new webhost. Well, new for SEB at least. I’ve mentioned before how the site’s size is starting to swell to the point that our britches are getting a little too tight so I’ve been evaluating other hosting providers to see what’s out there. Turns out a company I’ve used previously, Dreamhost, is offering pretty good deals these days so I’m thinking of using them once again. Back when I ran my anime websites, The Casual Otaku and, I ran them off of a Dreamhost account and right now they’re running a half-price forever sale on the package I used to use only the offerings have gotten a lot better. How much better? Try 1600MB of space with 40GB of transfer and unlimited mySQL databases and up to 15 full domains and 75 subdomains plus all the goodies you’d expect in terms of scripting access and the like. What really caught my eye, though, was the availability of hosting your own Jabber Chat Server and support of WebDAV, which is something I’d like to play with.

We’re going to be paying some bills today and when we’re done we’ll have an idea of how soon we may be able to make the move. Depending on finances it may not happen until next month, but with any luck I may start the move sometime this week. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s happening so we don’t suffer any lost comments in the process. All of the Jenkins Online sites will be moving at the same time so we may all be a little tricky to reach for a couple of days once this happens.

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  1. I’ve probably nattered about this before, but I’ve been wildly impressed by the service from Hosting Matters, as has everyone else I know.  By “service,” I mean sending an e-mail about a problem and getting quick and helpful assistance to resolve it—though basic reliability of the service has been pretty good, too.  I doubt they’re the cheapest, but they’re not pricy, either, and being able to get your page back online quickly is worth a few pennies.

    Just an (unsolicted and unsponsored) recommendation.

  2. I also love hosting matters, though the offer at DreamHost intrigues me, have you tried an MT site there?  MT has been known to break good hosts b4 and hosting matters I know is made with MT in mind.

  3. They are very good. I only know this because that’s where I’m technically hosting SEB at the moment. Christine, who runs Blogomania, is reselling services from Hosting Matters and I’m technically using their ‘S2000’ plan at the moment (250MB space, 16GB transfer, etc.) though I’m getting it a little cheaper through Blogomania than what Hosting Matters offers it for. Their biggest plan is the P4000 which only offers 500MB of storage and 24GB of transfer and costs $36 a month. The Dreamhost package I’m considering offers quite a bit more for a similar price and is sweetened by the fact that it’s currently being offered for half its normal rate ($19.95/month) which will remain in effect for as long as I have an active account with them.

    But, yes, I agree that Hosting Matters is a good provider as I’ve been using them indirectly for the last two years or so.

  4. Oops, didn’t see Speaker’s response until after I posted mine. I’ve not tried MT at Dreamhost, but I know of several MT sites that are hosted there. I’ll probably drop them an email and ask if MT is OK with them. Again, when I was running TCO I was using PHPNuke on Dreamhost and that can be a little intensive and they never complained. In fact, the only script they ever complained about was when I tried to run a Banner Swapping script on TCO. I’ll let you know what they have to say.

  5. I’ve been really happy with LiquidWeb (  John Romero referred them to me, and I’ve been very happy with their price, service, interface, and host speed.

    Comments that used to take 15 seconds to a minute to enter under MovableType on my old host take about 3 seconds on this one


  6. I use a company called for one of my sites, and although they wouldn’t be right for what you need, I just wanted to mention that when you call, a person answers the phone! How long has it been since you’ve called an internet company (or any computer related company for that matter) and a human answered?

  7. Doccus, is that John Romero as in the John Romero? I took a look at Liquid Web and they have some nice plans. Their $24/month on compares nicely with Dreamhost’s package that’s currently on sale (gives another 400MB of storage for a nice round 2 Gigs and another 10GB of transfer per month) and paying for 6 months at a time brings the price down to just over $20/month with no setup fees so I may consider them as a possibility.

    Do you know if they offer Jabber Chat Server or WebDAV in their packages?

    Brooks, I’m always happy to hear about hosting providers people are happy with as I get asked for recommendations often and not everyone has the same needs as I do so thanks for mentioning them.

  8. Yes, it’s “the” John Romero.  I work with him at Midway.  I’m doing the mutliplayer (networking) layer for a Gauntlet (fully 3D, state-of-the-art version) game, on the PS2 and XBox.  I hear “Wizard is about to die!” in my head all day long

    LiquidWeb has nice plans, good support, and outstanding service.  I have received tech support post-Midnight a few times … they work 24/7.  They also are willing to install software (within reason) to support you.  I know they have just about every active Perl module available to man   I don’t know specifically about Jabber Char nor WebDAV … but they usually answer questions within a few hours. 

    I like ‘em so far.  They monitor (constantly) load on the systems, and keep other users from porking the machine you’re hosted on.  I know this because I had a runaway script that I was working on that caused them to disable my account briefly   Five minutes after I received and email, resolved the problem, and emailed them back, my account was back to normal.  I think that one was near 2am PST


  9. Look, i know this religion debate has gone on forever but I must say that jesus is….oh…wait…thats every OTHER topic…my mistake….lol   (just kidding)

  10. Just a heads up on Dreamhost…

    Back in Sept/Oct I was working with some sites
    “hosted” - for lack of a better word - by Dreamhost. The sites were built on Drupal which is written in PHP.  After discussing needs with them - which they assured they could provide - we had 35 clients set up accounts with them.  As it turned out PHP was not working on any of the servers.  It took them 2 weeks to even acknowledge support tickets - and over a month to even begin to work on the PHP issue.  We ended up moving the 35 sites to another host.

    One discussion I had with an online tech was comical. These folks have no idea what they are doing.

    Their excuse for poor uhm NO service was that they were in the middle of a server migration.  OK well, so what?  We had discussed this with them before going ahead. No mention of any server migration or potential issues in the future. We had over 50 clients - and were expecting more - still waiting to be set up. They knew what would be required and then when they couldn’t provide they simply took the money and ran so to speak.

  11. Never dealt with Dreamhost myself, but I’ve been through a few Web hosts. I’m currently with, and couldn’t be happier. I have a VPS with them that is nice and powerful that I have root access on, and it’s probably the best VPS deal you can find. That, and the CEO of the company is an ex-employee of my previous host, and he was pretty much the only reason I was at my previous host

  12. I signed up with LiquidWeb myself. 2GB of storage and 50GB of bandwidth along with everything else that Dreamhost was offering was enough for me.

    They are a little slow at getting the account setup so that I can start the transfer process, but other than that… (Still waiting for them to send me my account info)

    I’m looking forward to being able to use as many databases as I want. I’m limited to 5 now. 1 that comes with my current webhost and 4 that I pay extra for. I’m currently paying the same amount as LiquidWeb’s rate and I’m only getting 800MB and 20GB, with only 1DB, 50 pop e-mails…

    I love the fact that webhosts keep under cutting each other. Before long we will be able to purchase a dedicated server for $20 a month with 200GB of storage and 2TB’s of bandwidth!

  13. Doccus, thanks for the info on LiquidWeb once again. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to shudder with delight at the thought that someone who works in the video game industry actually visits my blog on occasion. And tell John I said “Hi!” Not that he has any freakin’ clue who I am, but what the hell.

    Bad River, thanks for the update on Dreamhost. I was with them for five years and never had much of a complaint, but it sounds like they may have gone done hill since I last used them (which was well over 4 years ago).

    OfW0lfandMan, you lookin’ to get slapped or something? :-D

    Jake, I’ll check Dinx out before I make any final decisions if you think they sound good though I must admit that LiquidWeb is starting to sound better and better.

  14. I had a VPS at Dinix and they had memory issues I went with a company in Canada

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