“Roy’s Rock” and the high cost of fighting a losing battle.

Remember all the noise and fuss down in Alabama awhile back over the Ten Commandments monument installed in the state’s Supreme Court rotunda by former Chief Justice Roy Moore? Remember the big legal fight Moore dragged the state through to try and keep his illegal hunk of granite where it didn’t belong? Ever wondered how much that cost the taxpayers of Alabama?

Well, if you’re a taxpayer in that state you may want to sit down for a moment. The final bill comes out to around $550,000 taxpayer dollars. Ouchies!

The state reached a settlement to pay $500,000 in fees and about $49,000 in expenses to attorneys for the three organizations that sued Moore.

The fees will be divided based on the number of hours each organization worked in the suit. Americans United for Separation of Church and State receives $190,000, the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama $175,000 and the Southern Poverty Law Center $135,000.

The fees could have surpassed $800,000 but were reduced “as a favor to the state and the attorney general,” said Danielle Lipow, an attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

If I were an Alabama taxpayer, I’d be pretty pissed with Roy Moore right about now. Yet I’m sure this won’t in any way act as much of a deterrent on attempts to install the TC in other government buildings in other places. Despite loss after loss in lawsuits like this around the country, officials in other cities and states continue to decide to install Decalogues on a regular basis often against the advice of their government lawyers. How big does the bill have to get before voters start telling these idiots to cut the crap and get back to issues that are actually important?

4 thoughts on ““Roy’s Rock” and the high cost of fighting a losing battle.

  1. Doesn’t come as a surprise to me.  Our politicians down here are known by man to be some of the most corrupt.  We have enough money to put into schools and such, but it’s bogged down in so much pork and tennis courts, etc . . . that our schools suck and so does everything else.  But what do they do when they need more money?  Do they try to clean up and reappropriate funds?  NO they try to raise taxes.  This better not lead to another possible tax increase down here, it’s rediculous….ugh…

  2. Too bad we can’t pass a law that forces people who knowingly put up these things where they shouldn’t be, to pay for any possible court costs themselves. Then maybe they’d stop putting them up.

  3. And you just know how the RR (religious right) is going to react: “Look! They are not happy with denying God! They have to steal money from honest taxpayers, too!”

  4. Oooh!  Could you charge them with vandalism (that is, defacement) of public property?

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