Random bullet point entry.

Here’s a bunch of things I’ve been meaning to mention, but haven’t been able to work into a full entry so I’ll present them in a handy bullet point list:

  • My daughter Courtney got her report card last week and missed getting straight A’s by the smallest of margins: One grade was a B+.  She wasn’t pleased, but I’m still very proud of her just the same.
  • We managed to make it out to see Jersey Girl weekend before last and all three of us thought it was really good. I’m a Kevin Smith fan to begin with and George Carlin in a serious role was worth the price of admission in its own right.  I only got sappy maybe four or five times during the movie.
  • After nearly a 20 year absence I’m about to start playing the Dungeons & Dragons pen and paper RPG again. It’s part of a new thing we’re doing to try and spend at least an hour a week together doing something as a family. Anne and Courtney have always wanted to try their hand at a traditional RPG and I’ve had the itch to run a game myself. We sat down and rolled up characters for the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules I still own when it occurred to me why my gaming group stopped playing D&D in the first place (other, better systems came along). So I’m investing in a new set of AD&D 3.5 Core Rulebooks which have vastly improved the game since I last played it.
  • On a related note: I was able to dig up all of my RIFTS RPG books except for the main rule book and I’m quite unhappy about it. Can’t recall if I loaned it to someone and never got it back or if it’s stashed someplace I’ve forgotten.
  • Stopped by the Palladium games website to see if they were still producing stuff and they still are. There’s something on the scale of almost 60 books pertaining to the RIFTS RPG these days most of which are pretty damned thick and offer tons of background material, new spells, new racial and occupational classes, etcetera. Considering how much time we spent flipping back and forth for rules using just the five books we had at the time we were playing I can’t imagine how anyone runs a RIFTS campaign these days without severely limiting what source books you allow your players to draw from.

Hmmm. Perhaps I could have worked a couple of those into larger entries. Oh well.

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  1. I loved playing AD&D as a kid.  When watching the movie ET i often tell people younger than me, or from nations elsewhere, “See the scene in the kitchen the kids are sitting around the table playing D&D and eating pizza until late at night?  That’s what it was like when i was a kid growing up.”

    That and Risk.

    .rob adams

  2. Yay Courtney!  Don’t sweat the B+, girl—in 20 years you won’t even be able to remember school, much less care what you got in one class.

  3. Good move on updating your D&D material.  Pricey, but good.

    Of course, there’s a ton of great gaming material out there these days, some of it pretty inexpensive, depending on the setting you’re looking for and the type of game (simulation, rewards-oriented, narrative) you want to go for.

  4. I’m only updating the three core rulebooks for now. Whether I buy anything further will depend on if the ladies get hooked on it. I plan on taking many of my old modules (I still have a handful of them laying around) and updating them to the new rule set so we can get started quickly.

    Of course of anyone has any old modules they wish to contribute to the cause, let me know…

  5. Hey Les, you moved up another notch in my eyes. But I should have known - after all its a proven fact that atheism leads to roleplaying (or was that RPGs leading to atheism?).

    Have fun!


    PS: You can actually *PLAY* with the RIFTS system? I always thought the rules existed only so you could rattle off statistics (three thousand mega-damage this and that…) for all the nifty vehicles and ‘bots…

  6. I’m an old RPGer at heart, just haven’t been all that active with it lately. Every so often I get the itch, but haven’t had a chance to scratch it until now.

    As for RIFTS, we left AD&D in part because we discovered Palladium which was a lot cooler (dragons were actually dangerous even to high level characters) and produced right here in the Detroit area. When RIFTS came out we snatched it up right away and played the hell out of it. When we discovered some inconsistencies in the rules we wrote the author and asked for clarification and got a letter back with explanations. Not only that, but our questions were included in a Q&A at the front of the first source book. Our GM even designed a character sheet for the game that made it into that first source book and we all got our names listed on the inside cover. One of my small claims to fame, though it’s hard to prove as they only used the first names for everyone in our group except for our GM who designed the character sheet.

    Anyway, yes RIFTS is quite playable. Or rather it was at the time. With 60 some odd books these days it’s probably quiet unwieldy.

  7. There are a number of the older modules lurking about online, free of charge or for a minimal download fee (I think there are even some at the WotC site).  And there are modules that folks are formally Updating To 3.5 (and selling for big bucks).  And there are sites out there that give “house rules” for doing that sort of upgrade.  You should be able to do the Old Module thing without too much difficulty.

  8. Congrats for the great result. Les make sure the college and graduate school fund is large enough!

  9. You know, I never understood the allure of RIFTS. To me, it was just fair, at best.

    We’re still playing D&D 3.0; upgrade to 3.5 later this year/early next, when my own world gets used. We’re wrapping up Monte Cook’s The Banewarrens campaign at the moment (I’m the GM), then we’re moving to Monte’s Arcana Unearthed/The Diamond Throne setting for a while so I can get my own world up and running. It’ll be nice to play for a while, not GM.

    3.0/3.5 is decent stuff.

  10. Les, it’s nice to know we have one more thing in common.  I used to greatly enjoy D&D when I was a teenager, but in later years never found (or made) the time for it.  If you’re looking for a computerized version of AD&D, the closest you’ll come is Neverwinter Nights, which is my current RPG addiction.  You can build simple adventures in about the same time as the pen and paper variety, but have it in 3D - and the computer does all the boring housekeeping.  It’s pretty open ended, and you can sink lots and lots of time into it.  There are also a great many playable modules (adventures) for it that you can download (see Neverwinter Vault).

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