Pope issues another apology for previously naughty Catholics.

Pope John Paul II to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I: Hey, remember how we sacked you guys about 800 years ago when your city was known as Constantinople? Yeah, well, our bad.

Not that the leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians isn’t a bit tardy himself. Pope made his apology back in 2001 and the Patriarch just got around to accepting it. Still, three years beats the shit out of 800.

4 thoughts on “Pope issues another apology for previously naughty Catholics.

  1. Dear Les: It is great that your eyes have seen the evil in religions, especially with catholism, but please do not let it keep you from having a oneness with God,For it is He that has blessed you with that wonderful insight Please brother check this out very closely, and if you harden not your heart you will see things you never dreamed of, and it will make all things perfectly clear to you. Please help me lift this TRUTH for all to see. I love you brother,please keep in touch,Joseph: http://www.theolddirtroad.homestead.com

  2. Joseph, it’s impossible to have a “oneness” with something that doesn’t exist. I’ve seen your site before and, if nothing else, it certainly is colorful. Beyond that it’s just pipe dreams and fairy tales and I left those behind a long time ago.

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