Pictorial of Japanese vending machines.

I love Japan and Japanese culture. Mainly because Japanese people in general are even bigger gadget geeks than I am and they’ll often take their obsessions to extremes.

Take, for example, vending machines. We have a fair amount of products that are sold via vending machines here in the States with pop (or soda) being the most common sort you’ll find. The Japanese have vending machines as well. Lots of them. Lots more than Americans have. Selling lots more stuff than you’d think possible. Everyone’s heard about how they even cater to dirty old men by having vending machines that sell used panties, but most folks don’t realize just how many other kinds of vending machines the Japanese have. They have lots of them for all sorts of products so of which are just bizarre, but some of which you wonder why they’ve not shown up here.

28 thoughts on “Pictorial of Japanese vending machines.

  1. Did you see the photograph of the Japanese revelers worshipping the giant inflatable pink penis? It’s supposed to ward off disease.


  2. Since it’s unlikely anyone wants to buy someone else’s used underwear, I don’t understand why they don’t charge a few yen more and sell NEW underwear!

    The Japanese must have an underwear shortage.

  3. Brock,
    I think you miss the whole point of the used underwear. The price of the used underwear costs more than your usual at $50 according to the snoopes site.

    I suggest you read the snopes site above to get the full story behind the underwear.

  4. Wow Pop Tarts, you really don’t get my sense of humor! This is the second time in a week where you appear to be taking what I said seriously.

    Am I this bad at satire? Is my humor so obtuse and inexact to others here, as well?

    Should I limit myself to being morose and argumentative?

  5. Brock, I think PopTarts was offering you a goof- As they use to say in NYC, the extra “E’ is for Extra Undie Odor!  (BTW, did anyone else notice how snarky Snopes got over this subject?)
      I was truly bummed to find that the ‘soiled panty’ machines weren’t on every street corner, crammed with adolescent frustration juice. (Girls are prone to that to, fellas.)  But you CAN buy fresh eggs, apparently, so I guess that makes up for something.
    I can’t help wondering, tho’,  how those eggs can roll down those chutes without breaking…..  Any Japanese engineers out there willing to explain?

  6. Well, sometimes because of the lack of tone or pitch due to writings, I sometime miss the point.

    The ice-cream machine vending machine is great. It even offers ice-cream cones. Another thing that is interesting about Japan, if you happen to visit is its carparks. Cars are lifted up and slot into place to save on more space.

  7. They stopped selling le panties? NOO! I’m too late to buy any! Looks like I’ll have to buy them from that shady fellow down the street in the trenchcoat…*Sigh*

  8. Is there any country more stupid than Japan?
    The answer is NO!
    Japan is the most bizarre and the most abnormal country in the world.
    In Japan, they sell girls’ used panties in the vending machine. Plus, if you go restaurants, girls ask for sex. They even ask with lousy english ”  I will pay”
    Stupid isn’t it?
    Plus, all japanese girls fell proud when they have experinced receiving white male’s private thing.

    Plain stupid retarded nation

  9. japanese ppl’s mentality is seriously and constantly distorted.
    They are subnormal creatures.
    Let’s sympathize them.
    Since the US dropped bomb to japan, none of Japanese ppl are normal.
    They all have side effects from nuclear weapons.

    That’s why people from japan are totally mentally paralyzed

  10. “Am I this bad at satire?” *

    Nah, Brock, you’re just especially good at it, which has it’s consequences. Smirk on, we can always ask.

    Oh no wait. Was the question supposed to be satirical? Doh.

    *can’t get the quote formatting to work. doh again.

  11. Nah, Brock, you’re just especially good at it, which has it’s consequences.

    Thanks amy, I feel much better now. I’m really not used to being taken so seriously.

    Satire of satire - Now THERE’S a challenge!

  12. Why don`t sell panties? Ilike that kind of fetish!
    And other kinds of fetish! What is normal or not!?

  13. I see that there is a crazy Korean bashing Japan above, GOD! I see this so much online, i actually feel sorry for the Japanese. Being Korean i assume that you still have issues and a grudge with Japan because of what happened last century and during the latter part of the 19th century. Just like many Chinese people i have met you will not move on and conveniently ignore the fact that Japan was Koreas largest aid donor and is Chinas largest aid donor and has repented and apologised god knows how many times for what happened (Japan = UN’s largest donor per head and you cannot keep blaming them for what their freaking GREAT GRANDPARENTS did).

    Please understand that the more you East Asians bitch at each other and argue over what was and silly little uninabited islands in the Sea of Japan (yes it is called the ‘Sea of Japan’ get over it) and the south China sea (instead of resolving the issues and splitting any resources that may be around these islands) the more Europe (with the worlds largest trade bloc) and the USA (with the worlds largest economy) laugh at you. Japan already punhes above her weight economically and technologically and is no2 in the world in most feilds globally, if South Korea (with her improving technology) and China (with 1/5 of the worlds population) worked with Japan (instead of bitching her while ripping off her popular cuture ie Korea music is Jpop in denial) then East Asia would rule the world.

    So please do not talk about nukes and call all the Japanese retards, i know several people who have been to both Japan and South Korea and they comment that out of all the countries they have visited your two nations are the most ALIKE and they dont understand how you can bicker so much in 2007, i mean the Isreali’s (Jews) dont constantly bitch about the Germans all the time do they?, they have MOVED ON. The Japanese may do slightly odd and coulorful things but its not like they are a nation of mass murderers (please do not go back to WW2 over this comment please, as i said MOVE ON) and they have the lowest crime rate of any developed nation so what they do clearly cant be that bad.

  14. mean the Isreali’s (Jews) dont constantly bitch about the Germans all the time do they?

    No, we do that to ourselves now.

  15. “and has repented and apologised god knows how many times for what happened “
    Ever heard of the Nanking massacre?
    Or Unit 731?
    Or Japanese textbook revision?
    Or Yasukuni shrine?

    In a nutshell:
    -Japan murdered/raped/tortured/caniballised 300,000 (an estimate) innocent Chinese in Nanking
    -Japan made a Unit 731 to test live Chinese and Koreans with biological experiments, eg. freezing their arm and letting it slowly defrost and rot, injecting diseases into them to test antidotes and then burnt their bodies to dispose of them. Then they bribed America with the results they found so America will help hide information about Unit 731
    -Japan kidnapped thousands of women (of whom were mostly Koreans or Chinese) who were repeatedly raped by Japanese soldiers, and called ‘comfort women’
    -Japan ‘revised’ textbooks to soften the info about these events, so later generations won’t know why Chinese and Koreans are so angry
    -A Yasukuni Shrine was erected, to honour the dead Japanese war criminals, and visited by the president of Japan many times
    -Japan made some apologies, and offered approximately 10,000 US each to some ‘comfort women’ as compensation for years of rape and torture. Now, how would YOU feel if your girlfriend was raped for years on end, by men she didn’t even know, and was offered 10,000 US as compensation? Is that sufficient?

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