One more reason to love Bloglines.

The folks at Bloglines, which I mentioned earlier in my entry about Buzz’s new digs, launched a new feature on Monday that makes it that much more useful of a tool. This new feature is called References and it’s basically another way to see who’s talking about the same things across the blogosphere.

Today we added a new way to see who is talking about items that you’re reading. If another feed has linked to an item that you’re reading, there will be a ‘References’ link under the item. Clicking on that will bring up a list of all the items from other feeds that have linked to the item you’re reading. It’s a great way to follow conversations and see different viewpoints.

In short, it’s a kind of trackback or Technorati function that is entirely contained within the Bloglines code and which you don’t have to do anything special to utilize. If the article you’re reading is linked to by any other feeds then there will be a references link. Pretty cool.

5 thoughts on “One more reason to love Bloglines.

  1. A totally unrelated tangent comment:

    Anyone else feeling the lack of “economic recovery” as projected by the “experts” for the “new” 2004 year? 

    Are things “getting better?”
    How?  Where?  Who?  When?  Are there any signs of future “true recovery” forthcoming?

    Anyone else feeling PANIC in general now-a-days?  Isn’t spring supposed to bring forth feelings of freshness, newness, hope, renewal, blah, blah, blah?

  2. It is a recovery only in certain areas and only if you have certain specialised skills I guess. Furthermore, my classmate is going for a $5600 month summer job so the economy cannot be that all bad.

  3. Getting back to topic… It’s nice to read that someone else is using Bloglines other than me. I know there are others when I look at the “subscribers” link, but still. There are so many clients out there that are not web based, it surprises me people use them over Bloglines.

    I can read rss feeds at work, home, a friends house and never see the same article twice. Truely a great tool!

    Side note: I know you are testing MT 3.0, but I really like the feature you had that sent me an e-mail when ever someone posted a comment to a post I was watching. I’m going to miss that here unless it’s built-in to 3.0…

  4. Dave, it’s not built into MT3, but it’ll be back before too much longer. Chad, the plugin author, sent me an email on how I could possible hack it back into the MT3 code, but it’s not clear how the whole TypeKey aspect might affect things so I’ve held off on adding it back in. The database is still in place with all the previous subscriptions, though, so once I do get it going again it should pick up where it left off.

    With any luck Chad will have a new version that’s fully 3.0 compatable out soon and when he does I’ll be one of the first to slap it into place.

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