MT Client 1.5 final now available.

I mentioned not too long ago that I was trying out a beta version of MT Client 1.5 and was pretty happy with it. Now the final version has been released and is ready for use. In fact, I’m using it to make this entry right now.

Looks like Earl has some nice plans for version 2.0 of MT Client as well. Here’s a blurb about his plans from the official site:

I’ve got a set of features in mind to make sure the next version is worthy of the numerical upgrade:


  • WYSIWYG editing: Yep. I’m quite serious. Already have the code libraries and am studying its capabilities.
  • Assign style sheet for each blog: One of the capabilities I’ve figured out how to implement with my WYSIWYG library!
  • Post preview: Everyone expects it, so…
  • User defined HTML snippets: Originally planned for 1.0 and, in typical management fashion, cut when it wasn’t implemented in time for my scheduled released date ;-/
  • Autodiscover proxy setting: One I should have thought of before. A commenter at Stupid Evil Bastard was annoyed that we developers don’t seem to do much of that and I thought it a good suggestion.
  • Account management: Account management desperately needs improvement. The individual update/delete/save functions will be integrated with a couple of new features in a single dialog box that will allow one to manage all the accounts rather than just the active one.
  • Saved message management: I’ve decided there’s absolutely no reason to let you choose which directory saved messages go into. That decision will allow me to write some code to manage saved messages.
  • Customizable user interface: I’m using tool bars more for functional grouping than for the toolbar functionality, so right now there’s a few weirdnesses; for instance, you can drag the toolbars off the main app to become floating windows, you can re-dock them with the main app but if you close the floating window the only way to get it back is to restart the app. Correcting the little weirdnesses (as opposed to eliminating the ability to invoke the weirdnesses) will involve stuff that will allow me to add the ability to pick which toolbars to display. Also, right now you can hide the extra fields and extended text if you like but they come back next time you start MTClient.

Sounds good to me. If you’ve not given MT Client a try yet then I encourage you to check it out.

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