MT 3 is in place and working well.

Wow, updating 7 blogs worth of templates can be a real chore. Still, everything appears to be in good working order so far and the upgrade itself was relatively painless. I need to tweak the Individual Archive pages a bit to add in the links to the smilies and the BBCode help file and Chad says that he thinks his MT Notifier plugin should work alright with MT 3 so I’ll try to add that back in as well. Then the only thing that’ll be missing is MT Blacklist, which Jay has said he’ll be updating to work with MT 3 as it’s final release. Which is good as without it the only way to avoid comment spam is to make TypeKey authentication mandatory.

You guys probably won’t notice a big difference from your side other than perhaps a nice decrease in the amount of time it takes to post comments. About the only thing you will notice anytime soon is when folks with TypeKey accounts start using them. Speaking of which, there’s a small bug right now that renders TypeKey accounts moot when a blog allows both registered an unregistered comments (such as SEB is currently doing). I may turn on comment moderation for new posters just to keep SPAM from appearing on the site directly, but otherwise we should be in good shape for the moment. Again, let me know if you spot any funkiness rearing its ugly head.

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