MovableType 3 is officially in Beta.

It was released last night so I won’t have time to move it into place this morning, but at some point during the day we’ll be making the switch to the new system. First I’ll have to remove MT Blacklist as well as MT Notifier for the moment. I won’t be deleting the subscriptions in MT Notifier, though, so once I’m sure that still works properly under the new system I’ll add it back in. The rest of the plugins I’m guessing will work OK under MT 3 as they’re mainly text filters. The only template that will require any major modifications is the individual archive template so it all shouldn’t take very long. Keep an eye on your favorite blogs throughout the day as use of MT 3 on public blogs is now allowed so you’ll see folks making the jump as the day progresses. I’m assuming no one will be requiring comment authentication to start seeing as the TypeKey registration site still hasn’t open to the public yet.

Update 11:00AM: SEB is now officially running on MovableType 3.0. I’ve made backups of the full database as well as exports from each of the blogs we have here, the templates have been updated accordingly, and a full rebuild is underway. MT Blacklist is offline for now so I expect we may see an increase in comment spam initially and MT Notifier is still in place, though not hooked into the templates until I take a closer look at the code to see if adding it back in will cause any issues with the new script. The rest of the plugins dealing mainly with generating smilies and supporting BBCode in the comments are still in effect and appear to be working normally.

Just the same, if you see anything funky or have trouble posting comments then be sure to drop me a note and let me know.

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