MovableType 3 beta test to start next week.

For those that are interested it looks like MovableType 3 will be going into Beta Testing next week. You can sign up to be included in the testing if you wish and the restriction on not using the script on your actual live sites will be removed. This means that I’ll probably be upgrading to MT3 once it’s released. There’s enough improvement in it to justify the switch. Here’s a blurb from the announcement.

The beta will be run in phases, so as not to introduce any beta-level bugs into a wide audience of people at one time. This means that we will gradually increase the number of people participating each day. All who submit a completed survey will be allowed to participate in the survey (assuming they provide us with an valid email address). If you don’t receive email inviting you to the beta right away, don’t worry—you’ll be included in the later phases.

Once you’re introduced into the beta testing, you will receive an email message notifying you where to download the distribution of Movable Type 3.0b1.

This means that public signups for TypeKey will probably be happening about the same time. I won’t be requiring that you have TypeKey in order to participate here on SEB although I will have the option to sign in with TypeKey there for those who do sign up for it. If nothing else, it’s a way of ensuring that posts left by you can be identified as you. Depending on people’s reactions to TypeKey and how much spam I end up having to deal with under the new system will dictate whether or not I move to requiring it later.

Anyway, it may all become a moot point if I end up switching the site over to something like Drupal in the long run.

2 thoughts on “MovableType 3 beta test to start next week.

  1. The webhost I am currently using, (Thanks to your previous post about switching webhosts) LiquidWeb supports installing quite a few CMS’s as part of their control panel. Here’s the list:
      Mambo Open Source

    They also have these BB’s ready to install:
      Invision Board

    Now, I suspect that installing these scripts are not that difficult, phpBB was trivial, the fact that LiquidWeb has them all ready to install via a part of the control panel makes the process quite convenient.

    The process of moving over to LiquidWeb was very painless and the delay I had was needing to talk to them in person to verify my order before activating the account. The DNS switch was the fastest I have ever had (probably not them, but adds to the experience) copying over all my database data was trivial, and getting my scripts running there was also trivial. It sure is nice not worring about how many MySQL databases I’m using!

  2. I’ve pretty much decided that I’ll be making the move to LiquidWeb as well. It’s just a matter of having the funds to do so. Probably with the next paycheck if things go well.

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