Minor issues with the commenting.

Scott pointed out that under Internet Explorer the text entry box for comments is appearing way the hell down the page instead of just underneath the fields for name, email and URL like it’s supposed to. It looks fine under Firefox so I hadn’t noticed before now.

There’s another issue with trying to sign in with your TypeKey (or TypePad) account to leave a comment in that it doesn’t actually do anything at this point. So I tried setting things up so that only TypeKey authenticated comments were allowed to see if that would work and noticed that the template goes a little haywire in saying that you are both signed in and not signed in regardless of what your status actually is. The same is true after you sign in as well so clearly I’ve managed to mangle the code in trying to adapt it to my current template. The good news is that TypeKey authentication does work properly when it’s the only option available to you even if the display of the form goes all wonky. So I’ll be doing a deep-dive on the code for commenting on the site to see if I can figure out what the hell I’m doing wrong and get it displaying properly. Right now, with authentication not mandatory, it shouldn’t affect anyone’s ability to leave comments.

As a side note it occurred to me that even though the main page at the TypeKey site hasn’t been updated to allow for registrations it is possible by clicking on the “sign in” link in the comment form to access the TypeKey page that will allow you to register an account if you don’t already have one. For those of you who are interested in trying it out that’s one way to do so and no one has specifically told me you shouldn’t try it out (and I have asked) so I see no harm in mentioning it.

6 thoughts on “Minor issues with the commenting.

  1. Wow.  It does indeed drop the comment box awaaaaay down below.  Aside frm that, seems to be operating just fine.  And, hey, I now have the Mark of the Beast Typekey, SixSixSixApart …

  2. Just thought I’d mention that the box is way down here for us Mac OS X Safari users too. Firefox in OS X looks fine. Explorer= down low.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Safari, Brooks. With my primary PC being down for the moment most of the tools I’d use to fix this issue are out of reach. I tried copying the code over from the default template which means the style of the comment boxes changes, but it didn’t fix the IE problem. I’ll have to really look at it carefull to see if I can figure what I’m doing wrong.

  4. I think it’s gonna be funny when someone tries to post a comment and types it in the URL box by mistake.

    Of course we won’t see the comment so maybe it won’t be funny after all.

  5. As those of you who are using IE can probably see for yourselves, I appear to have corrected the problem that was dropping the text box way the hell down the page. All it needed was a minor tweak to a couple of break tags.

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