Insta-cool drink cans coming soon.

Soon you may never have to worry about putting your beer or soft drink cans in the fridge ever again. A company in Florida named Tempra Technology has developed an affordable self-cooling beverage can which can bring the temperature of your favorite drink down to a chilly 17 degrees Celsius with just a twist of your wrist.

New Zealand News – World – Cool can has own fridge

Chief executive Barney Guarino said the company was talking to several brewers and the cans might go on sale this year, although the technology was still too expensive for mass-market products.

The can is double walled and the chamber surrounding the drink is filled with a water-containing gel which is separated from a vacuum in the can’s base by a breakable seal.

A quick twist of the base breaks the seal, allowing the vacuum to lower the pressure and so evaporate the water from the gel. The heat needed to evaporate the water in the gel of the outer chamber is drawn from the drink itself, causing the fluid to drop to just above the freezing point of water in minutes.

As someone who is traditionally too lazy to bother putting cans in the fridge on a regular basis I’ve gotten used to drinking my pop warm, but soon I may not have to. Yippie!

Thanks to neodromos for sending me the link.

9 thoughts on “Insta-cool drink cans coming soon.

  1. It’s too bad I only buy soda in bulk, read, plastic bottles and not cans. Then again, I always refrigerate, so while it’s an innovation that will doubtless prove amusing enough to guarantee repeat business from me, it won’t succeed those good ol’ 2 liters.

  2. Very ingenious, now all I want to know is what kind of impact the residual gel will have after it leaches into the groundwater from the landfills and dumps.

  3. Considering gel is simply air and some fluid, in this case water, I don’t think there will be any residual side effects to worry about.

    More coollinks?

  4. That’s a good question, Tish. If it’s not recyclable then it may not be legal in many states such as Michigan where we have a laws requiring recyclable cans and bottles.

  5. Speaking of recycling, did anyone else see that episode this week on “Penn & Teller: Bullshit!” ?  Although I’d like to see more hard research before I buy ALL of their assertions about the uselessness and excessive cost of recycling, I found it intriguing.

    Next episode up is the one on the Bible.  Can’t wait!

  6. Yeah cant wait for the “Bible fact or fiction” episode this week.

    Hmmm Gee wonder what it’s going to be?

    My bet is BULLSHIT!

  7. Air + Water = Gel?

    I could be wrong but that recipe sounds like it is missing at least one other ingredient. It isn’t the air or water I was worried about (unless instead of air it was some noxious gas like freon) but I was interested in what this gel is composed of.

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