I’m not dead yet.

Though there have been periods where it sure felt like it. I think I’ve watched, or at least fallen asleep to, more television in the last 24 hours than in the last six months. I’m definitely going through PC withdrawal. Made it to the Doctor’s office today and they confirmed that I’m once again suffering from uvulitis in addition to a nasty cold. Yep, this isn’t the first time I’ve suffered from a swollen uvula which has got to be one of the stupidest medical conditions one can possibly suffer from. So I’m once again on steroid treatment for it along with some major decongestants and I should be back to relative normality in a few more days. My wife likes to point out that I don’t get ill all that often, but when I do it’s always in a big (or weird) way.

OK, there’s a new South Park on. Think I’ll watch it. Or fall asleep watching it. Or something.

11 thoughts on “I’m not dead yet.

  1. I actually asked about that along with the fact that I snore like a camp full of lumberjacks wielding industrial strength chainsaws. Turns out that for having such a thick friggin’ neck the actual airway that I breath through is smaller than average. Doc has written up a referral for a Nose Throat and Ear specialist to see after I get healthy to discuss perhaps some surgery to remove that stupid uvula and maybe make that air passage a little bigger to help with the snoring.

    Don’t know yet what my options are, but if they’re willing to yank that stupid bit of flesh out of my throat I’d be happy with that much at least.

  2. Hey Les, hope you feel better soon.
    Ya know, when my son was still just an un-sexed lil’ embryo, we gave it two names—‘Uvula’ if it were a girl and ‘Cthulhu’ if it were a boy.
    We named him Matt, once he started breathing air.
    Hope that throat is okay—Mom always prescribes brandy—and LOTS of it!  Go to town!

  3. And we thought WE came up with an imaginative name for our first in utero.  We were kicking around middle names, and decided that “Brauser” was a nice, German-sounding name … so of course the first name had to be Mozilla (“Mo” for short).

  4. I’m feeling much better today. Amazing what a half dozen pills at a time will do for you. My uvula is almost back into its normal position, my congestion is under control, my back isn’t aching near as much (from laying around too damned much) and my sore throat is much less sore.

    I must say that I’ve been quite pleased with the responses Elwedriddsche and others have been presenting to David on some of the issues here. Said everything I might have said and then some. Less verbose to boot. I’m very grateful to have such active readers visiting SEB.

  5. That damn uvula. I thought I was the only person to endure that whimpy yet hellishy agitating swollen uvula. The doc says it keeps shit from getting up in your nasal passage when you eat, but come on not that little bob of flesh really does all that… I dunno. I think I am gonna ask the doctor the remove it or at least some ot it (Uvulaotomy). Oh well what’re you gonna do right?

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