I really hate coming down with a cold.

Ugh. I’ve been trying to fight off a head cold for the last three days or so and I thought I was winning. At least until I woke up this morning. After being mainly a minor annoyance due to drainage for a couple of days it took a turn for the worse last night while I was sleeping. Woke up achy and coughing and a hot shower didn’t help so I’m taking the rest of the week off from work to try and get better. The only reason I’m on the computer at all this morning is so I could send out an email to my co-workers letting them know I won’t be in today or tomorrow. Courtney just left for school so, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to shut this thing down and go back to bed.

6 thoughts on “I really hate coming down with a cold.

  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon. :cough:

    Are you sure you’re not just sneaking away to watch a smurf’s marathon? :devil:

  2. HA HA you rotten Stupid Evil Bastard! This is because you poked fun at Tammy Fae “send me money” Baker! You’re being punished!


    Damnit, that hurt, who the F shot lighting at me?

    (Get well soon, readers don’t want a grumpy SEB.)

  3. The cold itself is bad enough, but I’m having problems with my uvula again as well which only adds to the fun. My arms are weak and my back is sore from being in bed all damned day, but otherwise I think I’ll survive this. Got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning to make sure it’s nothing worse than a cold (like strep-throat) and to see if they can do something about my damned uvula.

  4. One of the thing i noticed is how much sleep i did.  Tons of it.  And, note, it’s been a week since i’ve gotten over the plague, and i still have throat congestion (that’s the most polite phrase i can think of to describe the hacking i do each morning).

    And, mornings with this thing are the worst part of the day.


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