Happy Easter!

Just a quick note to wish all of you who celebrate the day a very Happy Easter. May all your milk chocolate bunnies be solid!

Oh, in honor of the day I point to today’s Foxtrot.

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  1. Can You help me with some stereotypes about catholics. Im doing a report for a soc class

  2. The only stereotypes about Catholics I can think of immediately involve former Catholic schoolgirls and their supposed repressed sexual appetite.

  3. May I commend to your attention Frank Zappa’s ditty “Catholic Girls”?

    “With a tongue like a cow / She can make you go ‘wow’ …”

  4. Hey, I know a Catholic woman that has complete faith in the rhythm method. She claims that all 12 of her children are musically inclined.

  5. Hooray for Zombie Jesus!  Don’t worry, you can outrun him..

    As a former Catholic schoolgirl, I can attest that many of the stereotypes are true, at least for a percentage of us.  God, if you were forced to watch those pro-life propaganda films twice a week during your lunch period (your LUNCH period, fer chrissake!) you, too, might choose to rebel in the most stereotypical way imaginable.

    Me? I was one of the GOOD ones, of course….

  6. “Catholic girls on LSD love nuns who have bad habits.
    Protestant chicks get their kicks from downing mummy’s tablets.
    Me, I’m not selling anything.
    Love’s the only drug I’m pushing…
    Push, push and shove
    Love down your throat…”

    Doug Anthony All-Stars, “Catholic Girls”

  7. Tish: Doug Anthony All-Stars, �Catholic Girls�
    Yeah I know it’s an old thread but it reminded me of Doug Anthony All-Stars aka DAAS or DAAS Kapital, and I wondered if Heard it Through the Grapevine ever made YouTube seeing as DAAS played The Big Gig back in 80s.
    I wasn’t hopeful but you never know.
    If you liked the song Paul has the voice of an angel … oh, the song starts at about the 5 minute mark.
    They were rather outrageous and Live.

  8. We went to stay with my parents yesterday.  They live in a village (the sort Americans think actually exist), and this year there was a Passion Play, in the genre of a Medieval Passion, but with updated tech (dodgy radio mikes, speakers towed by a tractor).  It started on the Drive of the local manor house (distant relations of the Queen), then to the cricket pitch, back to the House grounds, then a nursery (flora kind)/yard. then the scout camp site, then a field on the way to the church.  It was done by villagers in an am-dram way, many dressed in my mums old curtains.

    What was interesting was the way it was moved about- first tractor (because its big and you don’t want to argue with it) then the players, then us following on.  This lent it a different air. 

    When Jesus was going to address the crowds (on the cricket pitch) one of the disciples remonstrated with the Roman Officer to let the people in.  This had added power because it wasn’t just a few actors that wanted access, it was a couple of hundred people: you got a real feeling of the scene. This was heightened by the fact that the ‘stewards’ were all identifiable by being dressed as the Roman soldiers, so they were able to ‘join in’ and bark at people to hurry up- you got the sense of the occuping army being unhappy at such a large gathering. These poor buggers got caught in between the local leaders (the pharasees) and this trouble maker who isn’t actually doing anything wrong- indeed, he urges us to ‘rend unto Caesar, that which is Caesers’!  The only thing is sometimes ‘Life of Brian’ lurked at the back of your brain- I was expecting to hear Eric Idle start the arguement “…who you calling bignose?”

    On reflection it was quite a strange feeling- 200 hundred people/spectators following Jesus on the walk with the cross.

    I’m hoping the 55 mins I shot on my new DV camera come out ok- some of the staging was powerful, especially the crucifixion (we had to give them a 5 min start to get it set up) which went for the myth rather than history- a lone cross against a blue sky- weeping women at the foot, and two Roman guards.

  9. the myth rather than history
    Ahh, I loves me a little mythtory.

    And speaking of God … imagine god putting an ad in the personal columns:
    Easy going imaginary character, seeks compatible other, must be non-fictional with view to multiplying … if this sounds like you send in a stamped self-addressed photograph or if you’re unbearably ugly send in a photo of someone else so as not to disappoint me … and remember gender is of no importance so long as you have ovaries, a womb, and at least one enormous mammary gland.

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