“Farscape” returns in a mini-series.

The same channel that was dumb enough to cancel one of the few quality series they have is bringing it back as a four hour mini-series sometime in the fourth quarter of this year.

SCI FI announced it will be bringing back Farscape with an all-new miniseries—called Farscape: Peacekeeper War—slated to air in the fourth quarter of this year. The four-hour miniseries picks up where the cliffhanger series finale left off and will reunite John Crichton (Ben Browder), Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black) and the rest of the Moya crew.

I have to confess this is another one of those series that I started out watching religiously and then lost track of. When it got to the point that turning it on resulted in seeing a re-run nine times out of ten I gave up trying to watch it. This means I probably never saw the cliff-hanger that ended the series and makes watching the mini-series that less interesting to me. Damned shame, but par for the course for any show I like.

2 thoughts on ““Farscape” returns in a mini-series.

  1. That is exactly how I feel about it. I saw all of the shows in the first season and then after that I started losing track of what was going on and then when I saw an episode that I hadn’t seen before, I had no clue as to what the story line was anymore.

  2. I got into Farscape late.  I started renting the DVDs and then set the TiVo to record episodes.  I loved the early seasons, but the storylines the last couple years made it impossible to watch unless you’d seen a dozen lead-up episodes.
    The cliff hanger…sucked.  Big time.  I think the shows creators had to wrap up this huge convoluted storyline in a short amount of time AND they were pissed the show was canceled…bad combo and the results were a dumb ending.
    Hopefully they get back to basics with the mini-series and breath some new life into the show.

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