Excuse our dust…

With the pending release of MT 3 as beta just around the corner the restriction on using it on live sites is being removed. I certainly plan on putting it into place here and that means that some aspects of the site may end up in flux for a little bit. In theory all the plug-ins I’m currently using should make the move over without too much trouble, but the new plug-in system is a lot more comprehensive so it’s possible some of them might break under 3.0. The two that would most affect folks here would be the topic subscription plug-in (MT Notifier) and the BBCode plug-in. With any luck they’ll continue to function fine or will be updated very shortly after the Beta is released so any disruption would be minimal, but I thought I’d warn you guys just in case.

The new comment registration system requires some serious tweaking of the individual archive templates as well which could result in a couple of moments where someone tries to post a comment and it fails because I’m upgrading the system. I’m working on versions of the templates under the Alpha test install I’ve got so I won’t have to waste time fiddling with them immediately after upgrading the code so the likelihood of this problem cropping up will be minimized, but again I thought it best to put the word out. You may have already noticed that I’ve changed the individual archive pages to include Trackbacks just above the comments. MT 3 no longer comes with comments and trackbacks in popup windows in the default templates so I’ve modified mine to match. We’ve not used popup comments here for awhile anyway simply due to the length most of them tend to be, but I hadn’t changed the trackbacks over until recently. This is a change I’ll have to make to the other blogs I host as well. Incidentally, it’s still possible to use those techniques under the new MT 3, but it’s not the recommended method any longer and the default templates don’t do that.

I’m not sure when the Beta will be opened up to the public, but there’s already changes in place at the Alpha site that would indicate they definitely plan on rolling it out within the next few days so I’m assuming all of this will come to pass in the next week. So this is just a heads up on what may be happening very soon around here.

P.S. Can I just say one more time how much I love the inline spell checking in MT Client? Cause I really do.

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