Drupal 4.4.0 now available.

The blogging tool that I’ve been giving serious thought of moving SEB to has just released their latest version: Drupal 4.4.0 release. Here’s the list of what’s new:

  • Usability improvements: added breadcrumb navigation to all pages, made it possible to add context-sensitive help to all pages, replaced drop-down menus by radio buttons where appropriate, removed the ‘magic_quotes_gpc = 0’ requirement, added a ‘book navigation’ block, and so on.
  • Accessibility improvements: made themes degrade gracefully in absence of CSS, grouped form elements using ‘’ and ‘’ tags, added ‘’ tags to form elements.
  • All search queries are logged.
  • RSS/RDF aggregator improvements: added support for conditional GET, added support for HTTP redirects, export feeds as OPML, added support for <image>, <pubDate>, <dc:date>, <dcterms:created>, <dcterms:issued> and <cterms:modified>, and so on.
  • Comment module improvements: made it possible to disable the “comment viewing controls”.
  • Performance improvements: improved module loading when serving cached pages, made it possible to automatically disable modules when under heavy load, made it possible to automatically disable blocks when under heavy load, improved performance and memory footprint of the locale module.
  • Theme system improvements: simplified the theme system, added many new theme functions and improved themability of Drupal, added avatar support to some themes, replaced theme ‘UnConeD’ by ‘Chameleon’. replaced theme ‘Marvin’ by ‘Pushbutton’.
  • Added a file API: enables better document management.
  • Added support for the MetaWeblog API and MovableType extensions.
  • Refactored 404 (file not found) handling to support custom 404 pages.
  • Documentation: added many PHPDoc/Doxygen comments.

I’ve played around with the release candidate version for awhile before taking it down so I could participate in the alpha test of MovableType 3. Of all the blogging tools out there that I’ve been able to play with (read: that don’t cost money or require you to switch hosting providers) Drupal probably comes closest to what I’d like my blogging package to do. It has a lot of cool features that I’d love to have access to, but is also lacking in a couple of areas such as being able to put graphics into entries. That can be added via a module, but when I was testing it out that module hadn’t been updated for 4.4.0 yet so I don’t know how it works.

Drupal definitely has a higher learning curve than MT does so it’s not for everyone, but it holds a lot of potential and the plans of some of the developers for the next release sound like they’ll help make it a even more accessible. If I could just get a combo of Drupal and MT I’d be a happy camper.

5 thoughts on “Drupal 4.4.0 now available.

  1. There is an image module that gives you pretty good graphics control; plus jame’s senge’s work will incorate simple uploads.

  2. Yeah, I’ve played with it some more after the image module was upgraded to work with version 4.4.0. It’s still not quite as easy to work with as some other packages, but it’ll do for now. I also see that they’re talking about integrating graphics support into the Durpal core which would be great. I’m looking forward to what they manage to come up with next.

  3. Actually Elwed it’s just getting primed. That spam message was posted twice. It caught the first one, which was longer, and missed the second one. It also marked your comment as spam as well.

    It seems Defensio may work on a Bayesian filter system similar to what’s in Thunderbird as they say it may take a few days for it to adjust. There was also some reporting bugs in the first version of the module that ended up having every comment marked as spam. The latest module seems to be slowly correcting that mistake.

    I’m willing to give it a few days to see if it smooths out.

  4. Well, if it treats me as spam, I’m insulted.&nbsp; True, the time I ran out of food in Yosemite and hiked three days on an empty stomach, and the first guy I met gave me some Spam™, I was glad of it.&nbsp; I guess I should count me blessings….

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