Conservative Christians shut down Normal Bob Smith’s website.

Obnoxious Bitch, who is the person that first brought Normal Bob Smith to my attention,  told me about this the other day and I’ve been waiting to get some detail on the story before I wrote anything about it.

For those who don’t already know about Normal Bob Smith, he runs a religious satire website of the same name on which he appears dressed in traditional devil garb and pokes fun at Christianity in general. Awhile back I wrote about an atheist who dressed up as Satan and went to see the Jesus Chainsaw Massacre which turned out to be completely fictional, but then Normal Bob Smith turned around and did just that. It made for some amusing reading to say the least. The thing NBS is probably most famous for at this point, however, is probably his Jesus Dress-up magnets he’s been selling for awhile now that ended up getting the Urban Outfitters chain into hot water with Christians recently. Now it seems a conservative Christian group called  have managed to get his website yanked off the net after faxing letters of complaint to the parent company of his webhost:

Web users no longer can dress up Jesus – The Washington Times: Business

Members of, which describes itself as “America’s first and foremost online conservative community,” sent thousands of faxes denouncing the “Jesus Dress Up” site, according to Chris Carmouche, executive director of

Mr. Carmouche said his organization’s members sent faxes denouncing the Jesus Dress Up site and magnets to the corporate parent of the site’s host, as well as to the chief executive at trendy retailer Urban Outfitters Inc., which sells the magnets.
Charles Wheelus, president of Pick Internet Solutions Inc., the Boca Raton, Fla., parent company of the business that hosted the Jesus Dress Up site, said he was unaware that such content existed on his network until notified him.
“I am as appalled as you. I find the content of these sites to be obscene and offending,” Mr. Wheelus wrote in a letter to

The assholes at couldn’t be happier about it crowing loudly about how Normal Bob Smith’s site supposedly “violates the Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) and Terms of Service (TOS) of the vast majority of Internet Service Providers.” It’s not a surprising tactic for such a group to take, however, as it’s always easier to silence the opposition than it is to prove your viewpoint is superior. In the past various fundamentalist minded Christians achieved this goal through torture and murder, but those methods are frowned upon in this day and age so they have to rely on less permanent methods now. This is good news for fans of Normal Bob Smith as it means he’ll eventually be back.

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me at how against freedom of speech and expression these so-called Christians are. How hard can it be to click the fucking ‘Back’ button on a browser, turn the dial on the radio, or change the channel on the TV if something offends your senses?

    I’m not sure what grates on my nerves more: the existence of these people, or that they actually get away with censoring people who don’t carry their own myopic views.


  2. As if the most obscene (in any sense) thing they could find out there to protest and take action about was “Dress-Up Jesus”?  Yeesh.  Are there no sick to care for, no hungry to feed?

  3. Every day it’s something new and abysmal.  Can’t we just ship all these asses elsewhere and let them fight it out amongst themselves?

  4. In the past various fundamentalist minded Christians achieved this goal through torture and murder, but those methods are frowned upon in this day and age so they have to rely on less permanent methods now. . .

    I beg to differ.  Some methods -never- go out of style.

  5. No, really, some methods -never- go out of style

    Doctor: Texas Mother Defines Insanity

  6. Robert Hain, the distributor of the Dress Up Jesus magnets has accused of taking down his website. Executive Director, Christopher Carmouche claims that nothing could be further from the truth. 

    “News is already circulating throughout the conservative community that we’ve won a victory.”

    “Urban Outfitters would not be re-ordering the item but that they will continue to sell the inventory (Dress up Jesus) on hand.  This is NO VICTORY!”


    Hmmm.  Maybe they should get those laptops on a peer-to-peer network and just IM each other to death.

  7. If only the rapture would occur soon, so we could be rid of these dipshits and get on with the businesses of reality. Plus I need a new car.


  8. Hi
    What is it about the believes of these people that is so threatened by this guy.
    If their system is so fragile that NBS can undermine it with humorous magnets,what will happen when they are exposed to the humourless but robust propaganda of rival believers like Islam.
    As in many things the best thing (for them)they could have done is ignore NBS.Not stoke the fires with the “oxygen of publicity”

  9. Has anyone thought to raise funds to help NBS purchase a webserver and some bandwidth so he doesn’t need a webhost?  I’d like to see them shut him down then.

  10. It’s not all that straightforward. You will always depend on somebody else’s TOS - if only for network connectivity. If he wants to stay hosted in the US, he’ll have to shop around for a thick-skinned host. Or literally host offshore in a non-Christian country.

  11. Correction, it’s back. Looks like Normal Bob managed to find a new host. It was down for a few days, but it’s back up and running now. Posts on the Normal Bob Smith Yahoo Group show that it came back online sometime yesterday.

  12. I don’t understand the fuss either. Christians can pretend to eat Jesus’ flesh and drink his blood or be thrilled with the image of him being tortured and dying on a cross, but they can’t accept someone else wanting to dress him up like a biker. Now if the site was about un-dressing Jesus, I could almost begin to understand the indignation. ALMOST.

  13. After watching religious groups protest different things over the past couple decades, I’ve come to the conclusion that those who feel they must protest are just fucking idiots. 

    Satanic panic of the 80’s (thanks for the leads on new bands for me to listen too!), “The Satanic Verses”(I almost bought it just b/c of the outrage), Harry Potter (Love those books!), etc, etc…

    Some people apparently are too stupid to learn from history.  Maybe getting publicity over protests and book burnings does get a few people to go along with you…  must be worth it even though they end up just making something more popular with many other people.

    I don’t have a lot of respect for people like that b/c of the satanic panic.  Churches were handing out lists of bands that were “satanic”, going by group names for the most part.  My favorite of the handouts was the list of song lyrics that went around my town - I am a metalhead, and I had never HEARD of any of those bands!  Lyrics(and band names) were all “satany” though (even though it does appear on some Christian “devil music” lists online, they didn’t bother printing the lyrics to AC/DC’s “Hells Bells” in their lists.  How’s that for disrespect? ).  The Christians who came up with these handouts were so fucking STUPID that they didn’t have groups like King Diamond ANYWHERE on their lists.  King Diamond are self professed satanists.  I’ve actually seen some of their albums for sale at Wal-Mart. 

    rob said…

  14. Can’t wait to see what the turnout’s like at the Urban Outfitters protest this afternoon.  It’ll definitely be interesting to see how much (or unsurprisingly LITTLE) press the protest will get.  The media will go out of their way to present stories of how Christians are being “persecuted” (without persecution, their whole gig sort of goes into the toilet - so how is it news?), yet their own persecution of anyone who thinks differently than they do is spun as “Americans standing up for decency.”

    Thomas Jefferson is doing 360s in his grave.

  15. Alrighty, then, my first posting on SEB, and it has to be about some Bush-loving, Bible-thumping, Torquemada-wanna-be Christians who think that since their way is the One True and Only Way, that they can dictate what the rest of the free-thinking world can see and hear and experience. I wonder if these people have Roy Moore and John Ashcroft on speed-dial? They should all get together at “Judge” Moore’s house down ther in Alabammy and have a goold old-fashioned Tent Revival! They would invite the Shrub, of course, but he would just send his favorite hand-puppet Dick Cheney instead, while he stays back in the Papal Palace (also known as the White House) and tells Condie Rice what to say when she goes up in front of the 9/11 Commission. Or he could do like he did in California at church (I think it was) not too long ago, and be piped in “live” via satellite, and tell the people assembled how they’re all going to be soldiers on a mission to make America into a theocracy, as God intended it!

    I’m moving to Australia. Who’s coming with me?

  16. heh, I think Dubya is the hand puppet.  I find it extremely humorous that he can’t testify before the 911 commission alone, without Cheney holding his hand.

  17. Can you really not see the difference? I can see that difference. But I cannot see how one offense is any less than the other. Remember that Christians have been (are in some countries) persecuted to the point of death too. I

  18. Oh sure. People raised without religion are so pure and unprejudiced.

    Why yes, the certainly can be. No more or less so than those with religion.

    Children shouldn’t be raised with religion anyway. Their minds are not mature enough to handle what’s REALLY being dealt to them. Then they get indoctrinated and it’s hard for them to start questioning. Oh, but that’s the point, isn’t it? Grab ‘em up young.

    I prefer the relatively “clean slate of mind” when it came time for me to look into my own religious opinions. Not that I was ignorant of religion, but I was not warped or biased from early on about it.

  19. Oh, wow, thanks, now that you say it in whale, I get it. Now that I know how to communicate with you: Chrrrrissstiaaans Dooooooo nnnnoooooottttt Haaaaaaattttteeeeeee. Thooooosssseee ppeeeeeeeooooooplllllleeee arrrrrrreee jjjjjjuuuuuussssstttt saaaaayyyyyiiinnnnngggg thhhhheeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr Chrrrrissstiaaans. 

    OK, I understand that you have your own definition of who is and isn’t “really” a christian. But in the societal scheme of things, I’d say anyone or any group who wishes to self-identify as “christian” gets to be called one. Whether or not they actually get through the pearly gates by YOUR definitions isn’t the point.

    What I mean is, every bad-apple “christian” group out there does in fact get to average in to our discussion of “christians” as a whole…as a segment of the population.

    Just like there are alot of needy, clingy, vapid women out there giving “women” as a whole a bad name. And I do not like them. They do not fit with my definition of a “real” woman, not as I’d choose to define it (although there are of course no scriptures to reference in that regard). But they still get to call themselves women and I have to just get over the fact that I share a category with, and often suffer an inaccurate stereotype from, these creatures.

  20. It’s not my definition. If you’re going to call yourself Chrisitian, aren’t you basing it on the Bible? Or at the very least, a little Christ, a follower of Christ, who claimed to fulfill the OT by bringing in the new covenant (essentially the NT)? And isn’t then your set of ethics fairly well codified? Forgiveness and love of your enimies is not just in a spare verse or two, it’s thematic throughout the Bible. People who hate or murder in God’s name are just rationalizing their own perversions. Just as our friend Nunyabiz uses atheism as a mask for his hate of Christianity. I doubt that deep down he so much feels there is no God as he just hates Christians.

  21. Good job of putting the concept in context Brandi. David still doesn’t understand that the only person he can decree a Christian or non-Christian is himself and even then he’s probably called it badly.

  22. Track down a few of his posts and decide for yourself. I’ve no idea what he believes, generally because he’s too busy trying to convince people that anyone who’s Christian should be institutionalized, to articulate a clear picture of what he actually believes truth is.

    But if you refuse to have discernment between someone who calls themselves Christian and clearly contradicts the obvious teachings of Christianity, and people who believe in Christ and actually attempt to follow the example, then aren’t you being a bit naive? I mean, when a used car salesman tells you it was only driven by a little old lady from Pasedena on Sundays, do you believe him too?

  23. But if you refuse to have discernment between someone who calls themselves Christian and clearly contradicts the obvious teachings of Christianity, and people who believe in Christ and actually attempt to follow the example, then aren

  24. So, Brandi, if I tell you that I’m a nature lover, and then you see me hop out of my SUV to litter, cut down a bunch of trees, and then start a couple of forest fires, you still believe I’m just like those folks in the Sierra Club because I say I am?

    By your standard, I should lump all non-believers in the same group and start treating you all alike. I should treat you with the same level of respect as, say, Nunyabiz here?

    Nunyabiz: Appearently, I can read, hence my response. I realize this requires you to use a little abstract thinking, but I promise it won’t hurt. Although why I bother in your case is something I’m starting to question again. You spent close to 1,000 words telling me what you DON’T believe. The only thing I saw in there that you do believe is that Christians have a mental disorder, which I think you could have communicated in maybe 10 words or less. So I remain to my point:I

  25. nyb;

    I sense/have sensed similar frustration regarding all things organized religion.

    The main point of my frustration has been that most of them seem to separate a person from their ability to think clearly and recognize their situation in the world, instead they impose their will or method of thinking which IMO takes a person who is striving for the truth in the opposite direction.

    I do believe in correcting oneself to develop virtuous qualities.


    Atheism could be considered a belief system,
    or a disbelief system, either a person believes in God as their creator or they don’t, it has nothing to do with right or wrong/good or evil, then again does the noun ‘systems’ accurately represent what our search for truth will encompass?

    Please bare with my anality for a moment while
    I list a few of the possible definitions:

    1)A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole.

    2)A functionally related group of elements, especially:
    a) An organism as a whole, especially with regard to its vital processes or functions.

    3)An organized set of interrelated ideas or principles. 

    Do any of these definitions accurately describe in detail the religious processes that are being taught in the present day?

    If I might be so bold, at the foundation of our search I think we are all at least trying to resolve our confusion, maybe our negativity, lust, whatever the form of our self delusion.

    Not merely trying to be right, or pointing out someone else’s inexactitudes.

    The skirmishes that have occurred or are occurring in the world in the name of religion: the ongoing middle east struggle and resulting terrorism, Waco Texas, the people’s temple(Jim Jones).

    All of these problems are reducing the good name of true religion to fear, not the self modulation of inner virtue which I believe to be true religion, not the dogmatic attack of Sunday morning zealots, the thieving televangelists, they are part of the problem. 

    I do tend to go on don’t I?

    The mind that has put its house in order.

    Thanks for your time

  26. ROTFL

    Needless to say if I don’t believe in some fictitious God/Religion then obviously evolution is what I know to be true.
    No Atheism isn’t a “belief” system since its based entirely on empirical evidence, pure logic, and reasoning.
    Belief and faith are for those that have zero evidence i.e.: All Religions, that choose to believe in fairytales & are too scared to face reality.

    Like everything iv said, you also fail miserably to comprehend what Brandi is saying also.

    You’re the one *not me* thats lumping ALL Christians in the same mental disorder catagory also, im not going to bother explaining that again, its obviously a pointless effort you’re completely clueless.

  27. David “A”
    If the “Them” you’re referring to is organized religion in general then I basically agree.

    Nothing deadens the thinking mind more than religion.
    Religion demands that you stop thinking and in the case of Christianity at least believe 100% in the Bible without question.
    That’s where the belief and faith come in since your forced to believe something so absurd with zero evidence

  28. I don’t have much time at the moment but wanted to quickly chime in and ask the Davids to please arm wrestle over some more distintive monikers. I’m already confused. If it were up to me, I’d call them Christian David and The Other David. But it’s not up to me.

  29. hi
    I would suggest that it is a mistake to place empirical science on the same pedestal that religion once occupied.
    Like religion it is flawed.
    Like religion it breaks down under close scrutiny.It becomes a thing of probabilities not certainties.
    Use logic and rational by all means but remember that 50% of the tool you are using to look for answers ie your brain does not work at a rational level it is intuitive.
    Our reliance on the scientific rationale
    has tended to suppress the intuitive,this is reflected in the world we have created.
    It’s my belief that a balanced use of the rational and intuitive helps to create a less distorted and truer picture.
    It is entertaining and informative seeing you guys trying to persuade each other that one point of view is truer than another even if sometimes it seems a little like trench warfare.

  30. E: It seems that you missed completely that which you actually quoted me as writing. Of course I believe in DNA. I

  31. David, David…

    You go through life deciding the facts before reading them, and (so on)

    You are projecting again, aren’t you? Isn’t what you say more closely related to the creationist bunker mentality?

    To get back to the beginning, you misunderstand the purpose of my question. I’m honestly curious where the common ground between us ends and I thought a series of yes-or-no questions would make it easier to establish a frame of reference.

    So you accept that DNA exists. Unless you say otherwise, I’ll assume that you agree with the non-creationist understanding of the DNA’s role and that molecular and cellular biology doesn’t induce any discomfort.

    Next. You seemed to express some scorn about the effect gamma radation can have on DNA. Do we agree that certain chemicals and types of radiation can introduce random changes to the DNA, i.e. mutations?

    If you do not accept the concept of mutations, then we are done.

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