Coming soon: Commodore 64 Direct-To-TV.

Commodore 64 Direct-To-TVFirst there was the Atari 10-in-1 then it was the Intellivision 25 which was followed closely by Namco TV Games and so on.

Now the latest old school gaming system to get this treatment is the venerable C-64 with the Commodore 64 Direct-To-TV coming later this year. The Babel Fish translated webpage announcing this latest wonder of technology says the unit will come with 30 games for $35 and will be released in the US and Europe some time in the second half of this year. So far the only games known to be included are Epyx’ sports titles Summer Games, Winter Games, World Games and The Seminal California Games, all of which yours truly owned and played the hell out of for hours at a time.

3 thoughts on “Coming soon: Commodore 64 Direct-To-TV.

  1. Why?

    Okay, I admit that I spent endless hours that would have been better served doing high school homework playing Ultima on my C-64, but come on.  Isn’t the retro thing a little played out?  It’s fine for five minutes of nostalgia, but I can’t see myself spending more than that on one of these old systems.  There’s no way it’s ever going to replace my Neverwinter Nights, or my Jedi Academy.

  2. True, but these toys are great ways to torture your kids. My daughter still can’t believe I used to spend hours playing with my old Atari 2600 when she sees what the games were like.

  3. Some of my happiest hours were spent on a Commodore 64 at Les’ Place.  Not playing games but communicating with people!

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