Bored with regular trees? Get some square ones.

squaretreespa203.jpgThe folks at the Scottish Gas headquarters wanted something different in their landscaping for a change so they asked their landscapers to come up with something to fit the bill. The result? Square trees.

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Square trees at HQ turning heads

Mr Gorry said: “Everyone comments on our square trees. Eventually they will be braced so that they grow out into three dimensions.

“This takes about 15 years and results in cube shaped trees – they are very popular on the Continent.”

Next up the landscapers hope to develop dodecahedron petunias.

9 thoughts on “Bored with regular trees? Get some square ones.

  1. Great. Just what we’ve all been waiting for. Chinese comment SPAM!

    p.s. the above comment will make no sense as soon as Les removes the SPAM.

  2. Quite true. And it’s gone now.

    On a related noted: I’ve noticed that I’m getting quite a bit of Japanese and Chinese spam in email these days as my filters haven’t completely adjusted to the extended character sets they use.

  3. Why don’t they just plant actual trees??  It doesn’t seem like the fake ones actually do anything productive.

    On the Merit Parkway to New York, they have one of those things, but it’s a cell phone tower.  They’re becoming pretty popular lately - the thing’s at least fifty feet tall (outsizing all the trees around it, so it’s pretty silly looking even from far away).  I don’t mind it, however, because it serves as a cell phone tower, and doesn’t stand in place of an actual tree (I guess those Metropolitans couldn’t stand the sight of a regular gray tower).

    And even though it’s rediculous looking, it’s not NEARLY as goofy looking as a cube-shaped fake tree.

  4. Uh, dude, they’re not fake trees.  They’re trained to grow that way.  Bonsai gone bad.

  5. WHOOPS.  I read the article.  Wow.  I’m stupid.

    Turns out that is the single coolest friggin’ thing I’ve ever heard of.  Who the hell could even think of growing a CUBE shaped tree?  Now that’s innovative.

    And I’M a moron for not reading the article first.

    Now if only they could fit a cell phone tower in an actual tree.  That’d be even more impressive.

  6. In Heidelberg, Germany, where I’m sometimes due to work, they got *flat* trees. Like those in the picture - they make them grow in a 2D-like way.

    As far as I know, it’s because they have these narrow streets in parts of the town, and otherwise it might be problematic with tree limbs growing out into the actual street. Still looks weird, I tell you.


  7. Yeah, well only God can make a tree… and he made them right! So There!

    What a load! Next they’ll be trimming hedges to make them look all boxy and uniform!

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