Blast from the past.

Most guys when they hit 21 years of age are taken to the local pub for his first legal drink. I didn’t get that experience for my 21st B’Day. Instead my mother got me this…

Click for a bigger pic.

16 thoughts on “Blast from the past.

  1. Why would she have some guy dressed in a t-shirt and running shorts by and shake your hand? Sorry just couldn’t resist that one…

  2. *possible caption for the picture*

    “Ok it’s official, then! You’ll make fun of people your way and I’ll make fun people my way. But I refuse to be known as the Stupid Evil Clown! I’m not trying to be a bastard about this but I just can’t help thinking there’s a better name we haven’t thought of yet.”

  3. nowiser, why do I have the feeling you’re going to display intolerance of plaid lifestyles?

  4. I am so surprised no one has made a comment on my nifty “Howard Jones” concert t-shirt that I’m wearing.

    Or the fact that this is around the age I first started to, tragically, lose my chin.

  5. Ya know, GM, it’s none of my business if someone decides they want to live a “plaid” lifestyle.  But I just can’t stand it when they get “all-up-in-my-face” about it.  I mean, it’s a free country.  I just wish they’d keep it behind closed doors where it belongs.

    And posting pictures of primary plaid?  On a public website?

    For Shame!

  6. Nowiser,

    I have to object to your conventional_dressism.

    Did you know that 10% of people are actually plaid wearers?

    Did you know that in ancient Rome and Greece, plaid was considered perfectly normal? Even normal toga wearers kept a little plaid on the side?

    And before you even bring it up, the standard references to GQ aren’t valid. This is the same magazine that once told men to wear the ultra wide ties. Times change, and we need to evolve our fashion sense around it.

    And anyway, the reference in GQ is a mistranslation. “Thou shalt not wear plaid” (if you know your ancient sumarian) really should have read “Though shalt not wear vibrant colors that enrage the bull.”

    So if people want to live a plaid lifestyle, you are just going to have to accept it..even in school and at birthday parties.

  7. Well, the clown induces both laughter and tears…where’s the beer, man? ?but the t-shirt fuckin’ rocks!  Ahh…still wondering about the clown…
    Well, I guess I like his hat.  But the plaid?  Hmm…plaid could be worn…but the question in my mind is “that plaid?”…though I prefer to avoid it altogether, the clown could wear plaid and look good.  ?but I still say fuck plaid.  I’m sorry, man 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. “No one is to blame” for the shirt you wore Les, and as for the embarrassment of having a clown for your 21st birthday, after that, “things can only get better”. I bet you thought you were living your whole “life in one day” during that visit. Don’t be too hard on your mom though. “What is love” anyway?

    Devo anyone?

  9. I don’t recognize you there, Les. Your hair is on the wrong side of your head

  10. Confession time:  I experimented with plaid (and paisley) in college.  Also Howard Jones.

  11. I can’t believe Brock took the time to come up with all those puns based on Howard Jones song titles. Wow.

    Ingolfson, yes this was before it started it’s southward migration.

    GM, I have far too many pictures from my youth were my mother felt that a plaid suit was the height of fashion for a young child. I’m still in therapy over some of them.

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