Woman too drunk to drive turns wheel over to young girls.

Yet another reason why the SEB tagline still holds true.

Chaperone passed out; girls drove on – Sunday, 03/21/04

When they talk about a designated driver, they don’t mean a 12-year-old girl.

But preteen Sydney Hughes of Old Hickory found herself behind the wheel of a car instead of in a sleeping bag early Friday, after a sleepover-gone-wrong ended up with the mother of a friend passed out.

Lori Michelle Rock, 35, of Rayon City was ‘‘drinking very heavily’’ and ‘‘became so intoxicated she passed out several times while driving her vehicle on the interstate,’’ police reports say.

Sydney and two friends took turns driving on Broadway at Interstate 40 in an attempt to get home and had a minor wreck. They said the 35-year-old woman had taken them out to see her boyfriend.

The girls told police Rock was so drunk she came to a complete stop several times on the roadway. They eventually were able to wake her enough to pull off to the side, when she climbed into the back seat and again passed out, the reports said.

‘‘We just wanted to get home,’’ Sydney said. ‘‘So we each took turns driving to see who could drive the best.’‘

Rock is currently sitting in jail with a hefty $60,500 bond slapped on her dumb ass. Hopefully the judge will include a swift kick in the ass when she’s sentenced.

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