We’ve broken 10,000 comments.

It’s official; as of today SEB has broken the 10,000 comments mark. In fact, I was holding off commenting on a couple of entries in anticipation of allowing someone else to take the honors. Alas, the 10,000th comment isn’t as impressive as I had hoped it would be. Not sure if Jimbo isn’t just another Troll at this point, but he did manage to make the magic 10,000th comment.

Or at least he did after I deleted some duplicates along with a handful of obviously Trollish comments. Personally, MT 3 and it’s comment authentication can’t arrive soon enough for me.

13 thoughts on “We’ve broken 10,000 comments.

  1. Congrats on the milestone.  Many times I visit but without a comment because I don’t understand the subject fully enough to say more than dah. But rest assured the posts are informative, interesting, and amusing and not just your ‘cause you are my kid!

  2. I’m reeling from the onslaught of Jimbo’s intellectual prowess. Then again, maybe I’m not sufficiently caffeinated.

    Oh, and congrats to the milestone, too.

  3. Spam’s not the issue. I have MT-Blacklist installed to help combat that and it does a pretty good job overall. No, this problem is just one of duplicate submissions on occasion or just plain old dumbass comments that have nothing to do with anything, let alone with the entry they’re attached to.

  4. Hi momma!  Just wanted to say that anyone’s momma who has her own blog AND reads Neil Gaiman clearly stood on line at least three times when they were handing out cool.

  5. Congrats on the milestone, Les!

    The first time I saw the title of this thread, I thought it said “We’ve broken 10,000 COMMANDMENTS” :-p

  6. I’m sure we’ve broken at least that many here, Tish, but we’ve had to repeat a few.

    My congrats too, Les.

  7. Not bad.  I, myself, have 10k posts on another web site…….

    Sorry.  That’s probably nothing to brag about!

  8. Congrats, Les.
    BTW, your mom is really cool.  I mean, REALLY cool… my mother has affixed a hunk of duct tape over the flashing ‘12:00’ on her VCR.  That’s just how 21st century my clan is…

  9. Congrats! Your blog really allows some balanced,  intelligent discussion on many subjects. It keeps me an agnostic!

  10. NEGATIVE! My liberal friends call me a conservative. My conservative friends call me a liberal. I’m confused and seeking guidance. He may be a bastard but he isn’t stupid or evil!

  11. Don’t let her fool you too much, maryh, she still has me teach her how to use her DVD player. Though she is willing to go over things time and again until she’s got in down pat.

    Thanks for the compliments everyone, though I would say that you should be congratulating yourselves as many of those comments wouldn’t be there if not for your participation. When I actually manage to get to 10,000 entries then I’ll have something to crow about.

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