Vandals damage crucifix at local church.

It always pisses me off when I hear of news items like this one: – News – Crucifix Vandalized Outside Local Church

Parishioners were saddened to hear that vandals caused destruction to a crucifix that stood outside a Waterford Township church.

The large crucifix was ripped from the base on which it stood outside St. Perpetua Church on Airport Road. A hole was also punched through the statue’s stomach area.

Police say it’s the third time the 40-year-old statue has been vandalized.

In November of 2002, it was damaged along with some other statues surrounding the church.

Banners outside St. Perpetua celebrating the churches 40th anniversary were slashed last week, the station reported.

“I’m deeply saddened and I just feel bad that someone has the animosity against the church,” said Ruth Larson, a parishioner at St. Perpetua.

Sgt. Barry Hague of the Waterford Police Department told Local 4 that officers will need help from the public to catch the vandals responsible.

There’s no justification for this sort of crime and the people responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I don’t care what your beef is against that church or the religion in general is it does nothing for you or your cause to damage the private property of believers.

I think religion is silly and unnecessary and I have my issues with Christianity in particular, but I would never condone nor tolerate crimes like this as these folks have every right in the world to believe and worship as they so choose. You have every right to disagree with them. You have every right to express your feelings and opinions up to the point that you are committing crimes against them in doing so. Cross that line and you’ve gone too fucking far.

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  1. While I’m no fan of organized religion in general, and Christianity in particular, I do have a great affinity for mythology and symbology and I think the destruction or vandalism of icons is always a bad thing.  What the hell does it accomplish?

    It wasn’t right and served no purpose when the Jews did it in biblical times, and it still serves no purpose.  The destruction of temples and/or icons in no way removes or lessens the beliefs of those to whom those icons are dear.  If anything, it just strengthens their resolve and provides support for their claims that they deserve special protections.

    Say whatever you like, carry signs and picket if that’s your thing… but when you start destroying the property of other citizens, you’ve become a criminal and deserve to prosecuted as such.

    The SEB tagline says it best:  “What the fuck is wrong with you people?”  :confused:

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