Updated T-Shirts in the Stupid Evil Stuff store.

On the off-chance that anyone is interested, I’ve updated the T-shirt’s in the official Stupid Evil Stuff Store to reflect the current logo. Nothing stunning, mind you, but I never claimed to be a graphic artist. I still need to update the other products like the clock to the new logo, but I’ll get to those later.

4 thoughts on “Updated T-Shirts in the Stupid Evil Stuff store.

  1. Nah, keep the old logo mugs… I like em. But I’m still waiting to see the I’m with Stupid Evil Bastard T-shirts. Or one with a arrow pointing down on a pair of boxers.

  2. I had an “I’m with the Stupid Evil Bastard” t-shirt with an arrow pointing to the right for awhile. The graphic is still in my Cafe Press shop so I could put it back in if someone wanted one. Though I’d probably inclined to re-do that shirt with a new logo with more color in it. My early stuff was all black and white and I’m trying to replace it all with more colorful fare. Alas, I’m only using the free service so I can only have one type of each product. If it ever starts to generate any serious amount of sales then I’ll consider paying for the “premium” shop that allows for multiple designs for a single product.

  3. Few things am I willing to advertise on my body, but this site is one of them.  Yet I will not wear a shirt that says FUCK on it.  It just seems pointlessly rude.  I cant find any shirts here that dont say fuck.

  4. Is it rude? Sure. Is it pointlessly rude? Not at all. The fact that it’s rude is part of the point.

    I change the designs around every so often and I have a request for a less offensive version of a couple of products already so if you’re interested I’ll have something more to your liking soon.

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