Toshiba enters Guinness record books for world’s smallest hard drive.

Itty-bitty driveStories like this are amazing when I stop to think that the Amiga 3000 I have sitting next to me here at work that I bought over a decade ago has a full-height SCSI hard drive that holds only 500 Megabytes or so. Now Toshiba is set to introduce a record-setting 0.85-inch hard disk drive that will come in capacities of up to 4 Gigabytes. That’s roughly 8 of my old Amiga’s hard drives in a package not much bigger than a quarter. It’s intended for use in cell phones, digital camcorders and other similar devices. The folks at Guinness were impressed too: – Guinness record for world’s smallest disk drive – Mar 16, 2004

“Toshiba’s innovation means that I could soon hold more information in my watch than I could on my desktop computer just a few years ago,” said David Hawksett, science and technology editor at Guinness World Records.

Meanwhile at the other end of the extreme the folks at Hitachi are about to release their newest 3.5” hard drive with a 7200 RPM speed that holds a massive 400 Gigabytes. The drive is already being tested by the TiVo folks as they push forward with plans to make their PVRs able to support HDTV content. In a current TiVo an hour of programming consumes about 1 Gigabyte so a TiVo with one of these new drives could record 400 hours of standard programming and up to 45 hours of HDTV programming.

I can’t begin to imagine what a pain in the ass it’ll be to backup a drive that big, or defrag it for that matter.

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  1. It’s reckoned that most modern computers nowadays don’t need defragging very often at all - monthly at most. The performance hit cause by a fragmented drive isn’t as severe on newer machines than on older ones.

  2. That’s another quasi-religious issue. It’s possible to design filesystems that for all practical purposes don’t need defragmentation at all.

  3. My ass is already being kicked at work, backup-wise.  When I started this job four years ago, we had two DLT 15/30 drives and a DAT.  We just upped our backup strategy to four SuperDLTs, and three DLT 40/80 drives, and it’s still not enough.  And even if we went to more/bigger drives, we’re starting to run into serious time constraints.

    Terabytes of data makes for messy backups.

  4. What you young people today don’t realise, and other old type exclamations - My first hard drive on a home computer was 1Mb on an IBM PC sometime in the early eighties.  A few years before that I was working on Mini-Computers with Winchester Drives that were still only 1Mb despite being about 2 feet wide and 3 inches deep.  My first home computer (Sinclair of some sort) had 1 whole kilobyte of memory (RAM not storage), type in one screen of instructions and it was full each character you typed pulled one off the top of the screen.
    And you try telling that to the young people of today and they won’t believe you.

  5. Home computers?  Those newfangled things.  You’ll never get anywhere without tubes.

    (One of the first PC XTs I worked with had a disk drive that sounded like the bass line from Pink Floyd’s “One of These Days.”)

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