Thy Dungeon Man II

Now for something completely different. Seeing as we’ve had so much in the way of contentious discussions lately here at SEB I thought I’d try to lighten things up by providing a little game for folks to play.

Check out Thy Dungeon Man II for a little old-school text gaming.

8 thoughts on “Thy Dungeon Man II

  1. in FACT, i’m playing Thy Dungeon Man 2 myself…
    …and i’m frigg’n stuck.

    Yeah yeah, i have PLENTY of imagine, and so do the creators of the fine Homestar cartoons. But alas, even after programming the option frigg’n strip and dance (go ahead…try “remove cloth” and “dance”) they failed to include the option to “kill Percy” or “drill rat with foot”. Odd, it is, i know. But on several occassions of PASSiNG the rat, i’ve yet to find myself through the maze. Not even the directions from the so-called map, i’m without any clue as to how i get out.

    Eventually, after following the directions, i find myself with the a typical multiple-choice SAT question…“Where to go now?”…with the answer of North, my only options are EAST and WEST.
    An enigma…

    Well, could anybody POSSiBLY give a hint as to what i’m doing wrong? An email would be welcome, if you wish to help. Thanks

    -Kawai Tei-

  2. first, get the hay. then when you have the plauge, eat the bread whenever a bad message comes up. finnaly, fou mongruls, strike middle, for houngruls, strike high, and for loungruls, strike low

  3. take hay
    plug nose
    take tinkle
    unplug nose
    open door
    use key
    take map
    talk ripberger
    talk percy
    look map (gets you through maze - WWNWNNEENENN)
    take mop
    use mop to kill things in the maze

  4. Wow, if only life were this simple.

    take hay
    plug nose
    squish Falwell
    squish Robertson
    use mop
    clean floor
    unplug nose
    take boot
    kick Bush
    launch Cheney
    install Kerry
    get bomb
    nuke Osama
    clean house
    marry gays
    throw party
    the end.

  5. Since at least one of us is being silly, I will admit of toying with the idea of creating a Neverwinter Nights module named

    Desert Mirage

    The bold hero would be sent to slay an evil sorcerer rumored to work on spells of mass destruction.

    If anybody else wants to run with it, be my guest.

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