Theater’s tickets for “Passion” carry mark of the beast!

Here’s a news item about a coincidence that I’m sure Randall and others will take as a sure sign Satan is at work: Tickets from a theater down in “Rome,” Georgia that is showing The Passion of the Christ have a sequence number that begins with 666! *GASP!*

Theater’s ‘Passion’ tickets start with 666

“It’s from our computer and it’s absolutely a coincidence,” Smith said. “It has nothing to do with the film company or any vendor. It’s completely in our computer. Several people have commented on it, but only one made a stink about it.”

That person asked for her tickets to be substituted and was given passes in exchange. She declined to talk about it with a reporter, but a family spokesperson said they had found Scriptures that eased their mind on the 666 reference.

“I’ve got a feeling that the person who wanted us to exchange the ticket thought the devil had something to do with it,” Smith said. “They didn’t want it in their possession.

“She just said that she had this superstition about the 666 number,” said Smith. “She said she just felt uncomfortable having those tickets in her possession.”

Erica Diaz, who worked the ticket window Saturday, said she had heard quite a few comments about the numbering.

“A lot of people have asked what the numbers mean, some said it seemed odd, some said it was inappropriate,” Diaz said.

What are the odds of that happening purely by chance!?!? It’s gotta be millions, no, billions to one against! How can we atheists simply dismiss such overwhelming evidence of the power of the Anti-Christ to besmirch the inherent goodness of movie tickets for such a holy movie?!?! There’s no WAY this could be a random coincidence, right?!?! See??? See how Satan attempts to foil Jesus’ message of love and mercy by applying his vile mark to the tickets of such a life-changing movie in a futile attempt to stop people from being grossed-out into converting to Christianity?!? Satan is REAL and this PROVES it!!!

*cough* *cough* *hack!* Ahem…

Sorry about that. I must have been psychically channeling the spirit of Jerry Falwell for a moment there.

4 thoughts on “Theater’s tickets for “Passion” carry mark of the beast!

  1. Hopefully none of those Christians got into a fatal car accident on the way home from the theater:

    “Welcome to heaven, Mr. Jones! Everything looks to be in order, but we’ll have to do a routine check for contraband, so please empty your pockets into this tray… thank you… oh, you went to see “The Passion of the Christ”? Very nice! Hmmm, what’s this?”

    (Awkward pause)

    “Please step to the side, Mr. Jones. (On walkie-talkie) Backup to Pearly Gates, please. I’ve got a 10-666 here…”

  2. hahahahahaha! I’m giving up on New-Agers! These people are much easier to exploit. Oral Roberts was on to something. (Kilgore! Hilarious! They are so wrapped up in form over function that what you describe is a real fear to them!)

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