The nerve of SOME people…

You go through all the trouble to fix their install of Gallery and what kind of thanks do you get? They inflict the dreaded SMURFS THEME on you so it’s STUCK in your FRIGGIN’ HEAD as you try to DRIVE to WORK!

Nobody better cut me off this morning!! There’s not a jury out there who wouldn’t buy the under-the-influence-of-the-dreaded-la-la-lalalala-song as a defense for road rage…

8 thoughts on “The nerve of SOME people…

  1. Urband legend has it that the way to clean out an obnoxious song from your head is to sing one or two rounds of “The Lonely Goatherd” instead.  Good luck.

  2. *squeak of fright* 

    Eeek! That’s not very smurfly behaviour, Les! You must be Violent-Tendencies Smurf.

  3. GM, that assumes I have any clue WTF “The Lonely Goatherd” is.

    E, man I hate that song.

    Minx, Violent-Tendencies Smurf. I would’ve watch the show for that.

    Mike, I’ve heard that to, but it never works for me.

  4. It’s from The Sound of Music, Les.  Here you go.  No, don’t thank me.

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