Testing out MTClient.

In my never ending quest to find the best tools for blogging with I’ve stumbled across another off-line blogging tool for use with MovableType called MTClient. My favorite tool previously had been Zempt by Bill Zeller & Adam Kalsey, but that hasn’t been updated since last November and the last release still has some issues that I’d had hoped would have been resolved by now. The other tool of this sort I’ve played with was SharpMT by Randy of RandyRants.com which is now up to version 2.3 with 2.4 in beta testing. SharpMT is pretty good, but requires Microsoft’s .NET to be installed on your PC to use which some folks, myself included, aren’t overly happy with.

So far, MTClient is pretty good. One thing it has that I really like is inline spell-checking similar to what you’d get in Microsoft Word. The interface is close to what you see in MovableType itself so it should be familiar and easy to adapt to. It supplies all of the functions you’d want like uploading a file, adding hyper and image links, bold, italics, underline, and

strike through

text, blockquote, text alignment, and will even pop up a window with HTML entities for things like © and ™ and various foreign language accents. Of course, you can save your entries offline for later uploading and it supports all of the fields in MovableType that you’d expect.

Overall, I’m impressed. This being my first entry with it I’m not sure what’s going to happen when I tell it to send it off, but if it’s half as stable as it seems then I may have to introduce this to Momma so she can add to her blog a little more easily.

12 thoughts on “Testing out MTClient.

  1. The only problem I see with it is that it tries to connect to your server on it’s own. I wish programmers would just use our browser’s settings so we won’t have problems with firewalls that require user agents [which are hard-coded into our browsers]. *sigh*

  2. Thank god he offers multi-blog support… now maybe people will leave me alone about adding it to SharpMT!  The way he’s handling non-ASCII is neat too… I just wish MT would allow UTF-8 to be passed in - would make all our lives simpler.

  3. Pardon me for being ignorant, but doesn’t Windows spell check at the OS level? I’m in OSX and spell checking is underlining as I type right now as it does when I’m posting to my blog. God, I’m a shitty speller.

  4. Chari:

    You have a point about getting the proxy settings. That gets added to the upcoming features list.

  5. Nice site what exactly is the point to it besides telling everyone that your well… stupid, kinda an asshole and an atheist to boot.

  6. To me, one of the points (or at least one of the results) of this site seems to be to attract trolls like you. If we’re lucky you return and offer real and meaningful conversations.

    Most of the time we aren’t that lucky.

  7. Point? I have to have a point in order to set up a website? Well shit! Why didn’t someone tell me this sooner?

    And I’m not “kinda an asshole”, I’m a bastard. More specifically I’m an “evil bastard.” David is an asshole. Completely different concepts altogether. I thought they covered that in school in most places?

  8. Hey! That’s MISTER Asshole to you! And you better be saying that with a smile on your face, or I’ll really be hurt.

  9. It’s good, too, because I feel like this is a debate subject I can do well at. I know several true assholes personally and I meet more on the net constantly. I mean, if a gay guy isn’t an expert with assholes, who is? (David, sorry about mention of my sexuality again, but the joke just wouldn’t work if I didn’t)

    It could be a “Meet The Assholes” kind of send up, modeled after “Meet The Press”. Participants would have to discuss and debate their ass-holy ways and maybe I could even be the moderator. At the end, every week, I could declare the biggest asshole and end the show by saying “You sir, are the biggest asshole I’ve met this week.”

    If it helps, I have Theatre and Journalism experience.

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