Sun Micro to unveil new servers designed for gaming.

As if we needed any more proof of the growth in popularity of video games in general and playing them online in particular, the folks at Sun Micro have announced an upcoming server designed specifically for handling the task of hosting multiple online games for both PC and console based applications. Sun Micro shows off new system for gaming servers

“We will be able to bring multiple games online using the same exact stack of hardware,” Chris Melissinos, Sun’s chief gaming officer, told Reuters ahead of the show.

The server prototype, designed by the company’s Game Technology Group, uses Sun hardware and software and would allow publishers, Melissinos said, to run games from both consoles and PCs on the same platform.

No word on when it will be available or how much it will cost, but chances are you won’t be picking one up to host your clan’s DOOM 3 server. Still, it’s interesting to note how video games are garnering ever more attention as primary form of entertainment these days. Not surprising considering that Forbes estimates the market earning something along the lines of $20 billion-plus internationally.

Oh if only I’d pursued my youthful dreams of becoming a video game developer.

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