Six Apart announces new TypeKey service.

First off, for all of you who have been sending me emails and asking: Yes, I am currently participating in the MovableType 3.0 Alpha. No, I can’t comment on what it’s like or what I think about it yet.

However, one thing I can tell you about is Six Apart’s new TypeKey service which is an integral part of the new commenting system in the upcoming MT 3.0. So what is it? Basically it’s a central registration spot you can go to and establish a single account that will allow you to comment on thousands of weblogs that require comment authentication without having to register at each and every one of those weblogs. Here’s the blurb off the official site:

TypeKey is an online authentication system that lets you log in to Six Apart’s TypeKey service with a single login name and password, granting you permission to comment on thousands of weblogs across the web.

TypeKey is designed to be a simple way to log in to post comments across a variety of weblogs. Other than important notices about the service or your account, we won’t add you to a mailing list unless you allow us to, and we’re not going to sell your email address. We will only pass your email address to weblog owner with your permission.

Best of all it’s free. Even better than that the folks at Six Apart will be making this an open service that developers of other packages can use in their applications if they wish. They’re not accepting sign-ups just yet, but will be soon.

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