Seeds of Darkness

Another pretty well done Star Wars fan film called Seeds of Darkness is up over at The

I’ve only watched the first part, but it’s already more entertaining than the last two SW films which convinces me that George Lucas should just hire some of these fans to make these movies for him from here on out. These guys put some serious effort into this production and I’m liking it so far.

1 thought on “Seeds of Darkness

  1. Take away the special effects and its pretty much a typical student film. At this level I don’t expect great acting but the dialogue and shot selections were horrible. “Nothing will stop us now, (cut to close up) Nothing.” Was that supposed to be funny? Or “I’m not saying this as your brother but your commanding officer. (Hey, look at the camera when you say that) “You’re not taking this seriously. Am too, are not, am too, are not…..” No, these people are not the answer. Of course neither is Lucas.

    I have to give them credit for some good work on the effects. Though, once again they show no sense of pacing with there editing.

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