Science funding and the President.

Gotta love this editorial carton from Tom Toles:

4 thoughts on “Science funding and the President.

  1. That’s no joke…it’s a documentary!
    Ah….“The marketplace of ideas”…..

  2. I wonder if he was inspired by this story I found over at Calpundit about George Bush’s Council on Bioethics and how he fired all of the dissenting scientists. He really must hate it when people don’t agree with him.

  3. Well, its like with Greenspan. I thought something was stinking heavily when he suggested cuts in social security systems to reduce the deficit. According to this NYT editorial, he’s simply doing what apparently comes easy to him - help bush and the GOP ‘starve the beast’.

  4. Last Summer Les started a thread about Henry Waxman’s report on the administrations misuse of Science. In February The Union of Concerned Scientists issued a report titled Scientific Integrity in Policymaking: An Investigation Into the Bush Administration’s Misuse of Science. The link is to the full report.

    Read it and weep folks.

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