RC Copter Stunt Flying.

One of the things I’ve always dreamed of owning ever since I was a little kid is a real remote control helicopter. I’ve always managed to console myself with the idea that I didn’t really need one seeing as all you can really do with it is take off, land, and fly around at random. Nothing all that exciting, right? Right??

Wrong. Check out this footage of someone whom I can only assume has way too much time on their hands as they make their RC Copter do the seemingly impossible. It’s a big download so it helps if you have broadband, but damn if it isn’t impressive as hell.

15 thoughts on “RC Copter Stunt Flying.

  1. I have always wanted one as well. That video is amazing! A real helicopter could never come close to that because a human being can’t handle the g load.

  2. I’ve seen RC Copter’s do some pretty crazy things before, but that was by far the most amazing flying I have ever seen! I didn’t think it was possible to fly an RC Copter vertical before, but I was obviously wrong. I wonder if the pilot was able to warp the laws of physics for his demo…

    It would have been interesting to see his hands manipulating the controls during the flight just for a sec or two. I bet his hands were almost a blur!

    Me, I’ll stay away from RC Copters, other than that Dragonflyer III that basically fly’s itself.

  3. Dragonflyer III looks like a prototype version of one of those devices that the military would like to have.

  4. This comment from a friend of mine who lettered in aerospace engineering at MIT:
    Well, *I* knew you could do that with a helicopter.  But that won’t surprise any of you. 

    I should add that one can really only do that with a model, R/C helicopter. No human-piloted, full-size craft can do all of that.  A few can do some of those things, but not many of them.  The hovering while the fuselage spins madly thing is particularly easy to do (it’s what a helicopter *will* do, if it has no tail rotor, for instance.  Without an engine, a helicopter will do that, while falling from the sky as slowly as the pilot can convince it to do so in an event called “autorotation,” which, I’m told, is Not Fun.)

    At the scale of an R/C ‘copter, the fact that it looks like a helicopter is mostly immaterial.  It’s easier if you think of it as a flying disk, on whose surface you have complete control of local lift.  (One way to think of the control system of any helicopter - ignoring the tail, whose major purpose is just to keep the fuselage from rotating in the direction opposite the rotor - is that it’s a disk with lift forces acting all over the surface.  To turn, you make more lift happen on one side of the disk than the other.  How that lift actually gets generated in the desired way is another, complicated, story.  Add to that the sizeable gyroscopic effects of that spinning disk, and you get the kind of dynamics you see on that video.)

    But it is a most amazing example of R/C flying!
    Anne requested that I add the caveat that since she got her degree a while back, one should take what she says with a grain o’ salt.  But then again, she almost manages to keep a straight face when she makes the wide-eyed Barbie pronouncement, “Math Is Hard.”

  5. That was impressive! I wonder how much money he had to spend on repairs before he mastered the moves!

  6. What so sad is as you get older, you realized “How much you really don’t know”

  7. this is the weirdest website i’ve ever been too is this like real? seriously this is really fucking messed up

  8. Care to qualify that remark Yolanda? Why do I doubt that you will?

    We’ve got to watch making those controversial entries about RC Copter stunt flying and stuff.

  9. Damn - I didn’t see this post back when, and now the link doesn’t work.  GM’s comment made me want to watch the video.

    Yolanda, if this is the wierdest website you’ve ever seen, you need to get out more.

  10. Check out http://www.runryder.com and http://www.helifreak.com

    Those are the biggest internet forums for rc helicopters.

    I fly helis for 2 years now and I just started lite acrobatics. It will take you 5 years to reach 3D level to compete and some won’t reach it ever.

    Its the most challenging and funny hobby around.



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