Professor wants to slap ‘R’ rating on any movie depicting smoking.

Some days the stupidity exhibited by highly educated people astounds me.

Professor of medicine Stanton Glantz co-authored a study of films with characters that smoked and found that 80% of PG-13 films and 50% of G and PG films had some form of tobacco use. He seems to feel that this is unacceptable so he wants the MPAA to slap any movie that has smoking in it with an automatic R-rating with the only exception being for films that depict historical figures who were known to smoke. – R-Rating Sought in Some Smoking Films

“No one is saying there should never be any smoking in the movies,” Glantz, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, said Tuesday at a press conference at Hollywood High School. “What we’re simply asking for is that smoking be treated by Hollywood as seriously as it treats offensive language.”

He’d like to see more PG-13 movies that feature smoking like “Matchstick Men,” “Seabiscuit” and the Oscar-winning “Chicago” ח get slapped with an R rating.

Since R-rated films typically earn less money because they are not open to most teenagers, Glantz said he hoped such a policy would discourage filmmakers from depicting unnecessary smoking, such as the nicotine-addicted worm aliens in “Men in Black.”

‘Cause you just know that if kids see alien worms from another planet engaging in smoking that they’re gonna decide they should smoke too. And if kids start smoking because of alien worms how much longer before you think they’ll take up the worm’s other bad habits like bursting through people’s chests in a shower of blood?

OK, I’m being silly, but I just can’t stand this kind of stupid thinking. How soon after this stupid idea will it be before Professor Glantz wants any film depicting characters eating fast food slapped with an R-rating because too many teens are obese from consuming too much fast food? Same stupid logic applied to a different health problem. Show someone eating at McDonald’s, get an automatic R-rating. That is unless it’s a historical figure, say former President Clinton, eating the burger.

Fuck it, let’s go all the way and restrict anyone under the age of 18 from watching any movie short of The Care Bears Love Everybody so they won’t be exposed to fictional characters engaging in activities that are harmful to their health because trying to teach our kids the concept of “personal responsibility” is just too much fuckin’ work.

The thinking here seems to be along the lines of it’s not the kid’s fault they were dumb enough to take up smoking or “car surfing” or setting themselves on fire if they saw it in a movie. Kids are complete and total morons we have no hope of instilling good sense into, let alone personal responsibility, so we should shield them from any movie or TV show that depicts any activity that might be considered “bad for them” out of fear they’ll immediately take it upon themselves to replicate it.

If you decide to smoke you will have health problems in the long run and you will have no one to blame for your lack of sense other than yourself. If you car surf you will eventually get injured and/or possibly killed and you will have no one to blame but yourself. If you douse your pants with gasoline and then strike a match you are likely to end up in the burn ward of your local hospital and you will have no one to blame for your incredible stupidity other than yourself.

Do it if you want to, but have the balls to own up to your lack of brains once it finally bites you in the ass.

Was going to write about this sooner, but forgot to until I stumbled across it again on Solonor’s site who summed up everything I just said in two words and I accept responsibility for having too big a mouth to stop at two words.

Update: It would seem that ***Dave wrote about this on Tuesday and I somehow managed to completely overlook it. Which could be bad for me seeing as his entry sounds a lot like what I wrote right down to the bad joke about kids imitating the stupid aliens in MIB and how the next step will be punishing movies showing fast food consumption. I don’t want him accusing me of plagiarism so I thought I should link back to his article as well. grin

10 thoughts on “Professor wants to slap ‘R’ rating on any movie depicting smoking.

  1. Are these people smoking crack or what? And what about the proposed lawsuit on fast-food restaurants because they make you fat? OK you weak people, man up and take some responsability for your actions. You have freedom of choice. No one “makes” you do anything. So quit trying to censor things you don’t like, or things that may be tempting that are bad in excess. Get a spine, shut up and sit down.
    OK, I feel better now. Thanks. Think I’ll go have a smoke and a burger with extra fat - MY choice.

  2. Damn right.  Kids do what they do because their heads are up their asses, not because of movies.  Want to blame hold up a mirror.

  3. Now, if religions would harp on personal responsibility, THAT would be a useful thing to have them teach.

    But it’s hard to teach someone to behave just because it’s the right thing to do when you’re also teaching them that the reason they have to behave is Someone is Watching.  Sooner or later they’ll figure He’s NOT watching, and off they go.

    Then again, a friend of mine claims that the job of a parent is to protect the teenager’s body until the brain re-engages.

  4. And come to think of it that E.T movie where Elliot hides the alien in his closet instead of handing it over to the authorities to disect as they see fit - blatantly encouraging children not to respect authority, definitely should be dults only.  And that Harry Potter, never listens to a word Dumbledore tells him and is very disrespectful to Snape behind his back, I know since my kids saw the film they have been wandering round the house muttering wingardium leviosa and trying to feed their cousin to a Boa constrictor.

  5. Jesus, will it ever end?

    Are people SO lazy that they’d rather impose more restrictions and regulations on what everyone else watches than to step up to the plate and be proper parents?

    It’s just my opinion, but if filmed entertainment has more influence over the decisions your kids are making than you do, you’re obviously a failure as a parent!

  6. My word! So 101 Dalmations would have a R slapped on it… a G movie gone R all due to a cig!

    Next society will be blaming the dog that shit in the yard for the guy who tripped on the sidewalk saying it was due tot he stench!

    I am so massively rolling in my eyes!

    Though my husband had a good point, are these people that are attempting to put R ratings on movies depicting Cig smoking the same people that said a thirteen year old should see passion***….

    ***comment about the thirteen year old was from a poll of locals on the ages that should be allowed to see Passion range 13-17 high the highest rating with 47% rather then 18+.

  7. I agree with you guys on this issue, but I think this ties into larger issues where we might not see eye to eye.

    I am all for personal responsibility and all that jazz, but I do think that advertising has a “brain-washing” or “conditioning” effect on a lot of consumers.  This wouldn’t be a big deal if all advertising was directed at adults, but it is not.  Most adults are *probably* mature enough to see through most marketing schemes.  However, I don’t think young kids (lets say less than 10) are equipped to do the same in the absence of good parenting.  I watch Saturday morning cartoons - there is not an advertising break where there is not a McDonalds commercial.  What about cigarette advertisers posting fliers at the eye level of children?  I think this issue was discussed with in the book “Fast Food Nation” - I make it a point to frequent Carl’s Junior and not McDonalds because CJ doesn’t advertise to childern.

    Along the same lines, I believe there have been studies that indicate that if you get people hooked at an early age, bad habits are much harder to break.  I don’t have time to reference my claims.  I may not mind the advertising to kids etc…, except that now my health insurance and taxes are higher because of smokers and fat people.  Why should I have to pay for their fat smoking asses?  Is it completely their fault?

    Also related, I disagree with the House passing a law protecting fast food companies from frevioulous (sp?) lawsuits.  Was this issue not handled fine by the courts alone.  Why do our elected officials waste time with these bullshit laws than working on things that matter (health care, etc…).

    This is a complex issue.  I personally feel kids are way over-protected by conservatives, and this R-rating scheme is over-the-top.

  8. I think Denis Leary said it best when he said, “There’s a guy, I don’t know if you’ve heard about this guy, he’s been in the news a lot lately. There’s a guy - he’s English, I don’t think we should hold that against him, BUT - APPARENTLY, this is his life’s dream, because he is going country to country, he has a Senate hearing coming up in this country in a couple of weeks, and THIS is what he wants to do: He wants to make the warnings, on the packs, BIGGER! YEAH! He wants the whole front of the pack to be the warning, like the problem is, we just haven’t noticed yet, right? Like he’s going to get his way and all of a sudden smokers around the world are going to be going, ‘Yeah Bill, I’ve got some cigarettes- HOLY SHIT!!! THESE THINGS ARE BAD FOR YA!? SHIT, I thought they were good for ya, I thought they had Vitamin C in ‘em and stuff!’ You fucking dolt, it doesn’t matter how big the warning labels are, you could have cigarettes that were CALLED warnings, you could have cigarettes that come in a black pack, with a skull and a crossbone on the front, called ‘Tumors’, and smokers would be lined up around the block going, ‘I can’t wait to get my hands on these fucking things! I bet you get a tumor as soon as you light up!’ Doesn’t matter how big the warnings are or how much they cost, keep raising the prices, we’ll break into your HOUSES to get the fucking cigarettes, OKAY!? They’re a drug, we’re addicted!”

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